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Asia-Pacific is a kingdom of treasures, treasures that are explored a million times but is cherished every time it is explored or experienced. Asia-Pacific has never been static. There is no clear definition of the Asia-Pacific region, it changes depending on the context. The region basically covers East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Some parts of Russia are also included and some countries of the Americas that are on the coast of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. In terms of economic growth, the Asia-Pacific region is said to be the leading one in the world.

There are a total number of 49 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. And we know every country has something or other to cater to your journey. so, pack your bags and get ready to experience the serenity of these beautiful places in Asia-Pacific. Plan a trip with TheFlightsDesk, and book in the topmost airlines and save bucks on the airfares. Let’s get brief information about the prominent airlines flying above the skies of Asia-Pacific.

  • Air India

Air India is a major and flag carrier of India owned by the government of India, which is headquartered in New Delhi. With a fleet size of almost 136 aircraft, Air India offers its services to nearly 12 destinations. Air India also manages to serve to domestic and Asian locations via its subsidiaries Air India Express and Alliance Air. Air India covers almost all the countries in Asia-Pacific including China, Russia, Oman, Mexico, Canada, among various others. If you want to book a flight to any of the areas in Asia-Pacific, the easiest and hassle-free way is to book through TheFlightsDesk, with 100% transparency and flight updates, TheFlightsDesk is offering up to 35% discount on the airfares on all the flights of Air India.

  • Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines also called Nikko is the national airline of Japan, whose headquarters are situated in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The main hubs airport of Japan Airlines are Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport. Japan Airlines covers a total number of 92 destinations all over the world with a fleet size of 175 aircraft. Japan Airlines has also been named as the Best Asia-Pacific Airlines for its On-Time Performance in the year of 2018. It flies its flights to almost all the popular destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. if you want to fly to Asia-Pacific, consider Japan Airlines as your carrier and TheFlightsDesk as your best booking portal. As TheFlightsDesk is providing a huge discount of 35% on all the flights of Japan Airlines or Nikko.

  • Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, Hong-Kong’s flag carrier and one of the founding members of the OneWorld Alliance. It was established in 1946 and since then, it has been a trustworthy and reliable source of travel to each kind of traveller around the globe. With a fleet size of 133 aircraft, the flights of Cathay Pacific lands to almost 73 destinations. Talking about the hub airports, Cathay Pacific has its major hub situated at Hong Kong International Airport. Moreover, Cathay Pacific’s subsidiaries include Air Hong Kong, HK Express, and Cathay Dragon. If you are the one who is planning to fly to the Asia Pacific in Cathay Pacific Flights, we have good news for you. TheFlightsDesk is offering an unbelievable extra 25% discount on the airfares of the Cathay Pacific Flights. Book yours to grab your deal right now!

  • Thai Airways

As the name suggests, Thai Airways is the flag carrier of Thailand since its formation in 1988. The Thai Airways has its headquarters in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok and operates primarily from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thai Airways is also the primary founder of Star Alliance. Moreover, Thai Airways is also said to be the first Asia-Pacific Airlines to serve London Heathrow Airport.

Currently, Thai Airways flies in almost 37 countries to 84 locations, with a fleet size of 90 aircraft in total. Thai being an Asia-Pacific airline itself, serves to all the popular destinations in Asia-Pacific region. You can easily get to any of the destinations through flights from Thai Airways. And if we say you can get up to 20% extra off on the flights of Thai Airways by booking through TheFlightsDesk right now then who can stop you? book yours now!

  • Air China

When Air China was established 32 years ago in 1988, it became the flag carrier of the People’s Republic of China. The headquarters of Air China is located in Shunyi District while its main hub airport is located at Beijing International Airport. Two years ago, Air China recorded a flow of 102 million passengers (domestic and international) with the local factor of 81% on average.

With a great fleet size of 427 aircraft, the total number of destinations covered by Air China is 201 (domestic and international included). Air China is one of the most reliable and credible carriers to travel anywhere is Asia-Pacific or around the world. If you want to book yourself with Air China, do it now, as TheFlightsDesk is giving a huge 20% discount on the airfares of Air China Flights.

The airlines mentioned above are among the best carriers around the world. theFlightsDesk have also provided you with the best discounts and deals on the best carriers. But we have some more of our travel partners on which we have good deals. Please have a look:

  • Air Asia: 15%
  • China Eastern Airlines: 30%
  • SriLankan Airlines: 20%
  • Vietnam Airlines: 20%

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