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Visit Latin America: The land of Romance

If you are confused about the destination for your next trip, without any double thought, we would recommend you to visit any of the countries in Latin America. It has a vibe of its own; A different world! Talking about its geographical traits, Latin America is engraved in the Western hemisphere of the globe, covering almost 13% of the total surface of the Earth. This area resides 20 countries and 14 dependent territories that mostly covers the land from Saint Pierre and Miquelon to Tierra del Fuego and also includes much of the Caribbean.

It is called as the Land of Romance as the romance languages like Spanish, French, and Portuguese are majorly spoken here. There is a long list of the most popular and famous destinations in Latin America that are worth exploring and it includes, Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Lima, Costa Rica, among many others. By now, you might have got an idea about how extraordinary this area is, and if you are planning to visit Latin America. Let us inform you, The Flights Desk is associated with the topmost and most prominent airlines that flies proudly above Latin America. To get in-depth details about the discounts and deals on the flights to Latin America; read ahead.

  • LATAM Airlines

Being a part of the biggest airline group in the Latin America, LATAM Airlines is based in Santiago, Chile. Its main hub is based at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, while the secondary hubs are based in El Dorado, Jose Joaquin De Olmedo, Jorge Newbery, Jorge Chavez, and Mariscal Sucre Airports.

With a fleet size of almost 139 aircraft, it departs for almost 52 destinations all around the world and almost of them are in Latin America. If you want to try your luck in Latam Airlines, we are with you. By reserving your seats through TheFlightsDesk, you can avail an easy discount of upto 20%. Reserve yourself now before it ends.

  • Avianca Airlines

Popular for its reliability and creditability, Avianca Airlines is the national carrier of Colombia since 1919. Avianca Airlines is headquartered in Bogota, D.C. and has El Dorado International Airport as its major hub. After LATAM Airlines, Avianca is largest airlines in Latin America region, and the biggest in Colombia.

Serving to 114 destinations worldwide, Avianca has a fleet size of 103 aircraft. Moreover, Avianca is also said to be second oldest airlines in the world after KLM through SCADTA. If you want to taste its legacy, reserve your seats in Avianca flights to your preferred destination through TheFlightsDesk right away and avail huge discounts upto 35% on the airfares.

  • Azul Linhas Airlines

Azul Linhas Airlines or originally named as Azul Brazilian Airlines and commonly called as Azul is a carrier based in Barueri, Brazil. Azul flies its flight worldwide to 113 destinations and has a fleet size of 152 aircraft. The main hubs of Azul include Belo Horizonte-Confins, Campinas, Cuiabá, and Recife.

As per the records by Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority, Azul Airlines see 18.6% domestic and 14.6% international market shares in respect of RPK (Revenue, Passengers, and Kilometers). This made Azul second biggest international and third domestic airlines Brazil. Call our customer service team at TheFlightsDesk and get unpublished discounts and offers on the airfares of Azul Linhas Airlines now.

  • AeroLineas Airlines

AeroLineas Airlines or formerly known as AeroLineas Argentinas is Argentina’s largest airlines and also the national carrier of the country. Established in the year 1950, AeroLineas now has a fleet size of 56 and covers almost 58 destinations across the world, mostly to Latin America.

Talking about its hubs, the main hub of AeroLineas is Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and the secondary hub is based at Ministro Pistarini International Airport. If you want to experience a comfortable and pocket-friendly trip, book your AeroLineas flight through TheFlightsDesk and get benefits of upto 40% discounts and much more.

  • AeroMexico Airlines

Aeromexico is the standard carrier airline of Mexico City. It controls services to more than 90 destinations in Latin America including Mexico, Latin, South, North and Central America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. It is the finest option for passengers that are travelling within the Western Hemisphere especially in all Americas.

Fly at ease and comfort without any tension about the budget. As, TheFlightsDesk is giving upto 40% on all the flights of AeroMexico Airlines.