Flights to Bogota   

Flights to Bogota   

The Ultimate Travel Guide For Flights to Bogota!

Are you thinking of visiting Colombia? Every region in Colombia is unique such as Cartagena-Tropical and vibrant, Minca-a hippy haven hidden in the jungle, Medellin-modern and eco-friendly, and then there is Bogota. You must take a tour of Bogota. It's a vibrant city encircled by the superb Andes Mountains & offers its visitors a taste of everything, from old colonial buildings to towering skyscrapers. There are loads of fun things to do in Bogota & it's well worth adding to your South America itinerary. So, book your Flights to Bogota & enjoy your getaway. 

Bogota At A Glance:

Bogota's capital city and the metropolitan center of Colombia are its business, social and financial focus. The city's cultural epicenter is La Candelaria, the cobbled historic downtown to which most voyagers gravitate. Colombia's gritty capital has numerous layers, which means there are many activities in Bogotá whether you're keen on culture, history, street art, or food – regardless of whether you're visiting the city on a tight budget plan. There are plenty more tours in Bogota worth taking & you will wish you could stay longer. Bogota's incredible social wealth is multitudinous, shopping zones, bars, cafés, social and sports scenes, reflecting the city's genuine cosmopolitan nature. 

Are you looking for something to do in Bogotá? If you think about where to go in Bogota, check out this list to visit Bogota that you might find interesting. Whether you're new around, or simply cruising through, we have loads of incredible tips and suggestions. You can explore by area, what's popular, our top picks & more, so are you ready to have a fantastic time in Bogota? To book your Flights to Bogota Colombia, Read On!

Best Places to Visit in Bogota

  • Cartagena
  • Medellin
  • Leticia
  • Eje Cafetero
  • Bogotá
  • Mompox
  • Caño Cristales
  • La Guajira Peninsula
  • Hacienda Nápoles
  • Providencia Island
  • The Lost City
  • Tayrona National Natural Park

The list is short, but places are not; you will find several other sites with local's help whenever you are here. There are many hidden gems in the city that you would not hope to find without the local's help. Even the city's most famous landmark has a lot more than it meets the eyes. So, experience the fun by taking your Flights to Bogota Colombia & enjoy your time.

Best Time to Visit                            

When is the best time to travel to take the Flights to Bogota Colombia? It's the first question that comes to mind when we start planning. To help make your getaway a good experience, check out these details & plan accordingly. 

The month of December, January, February, and March offer a dry season with a beautiful climate getting the fresh and cool wind, enhancing the city's excellence. From April to July should be avoided as they are the wet months, which frequently prompts barriers and makes the excursion unpleasant. So, you must bring an overcoat or an umbrella whenever you are taking your flights to Bogota. As Colombia is close to the equator, there are just two seasons: dry and rainy.

Regardless of the season, you can expect a low during the '40s and a high during the '60s in Bogota. The city receives a lot of downpour during the year due to its height above ocean level & it never sees high temperatures. Because of nearness to the equator, there are no seasons in the city, and sunshine changes gradually during the year. 

Flights to Bogota Colombia

El Dorado International Airport serves the city itself & it connects to various other destinations across the globe. Moreover, it's a hub for Avianca, EasyFly, LATAM Colombia, Satena, Viva Air Colombia, Copa Airlines & Wingo. And several major airlines, such as Air Canada, AeroMéxico, Air France, Air Europa, American Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, etc., serve El Dorado International Airport. 

Bogota Airport offers the following services to guest:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Currency exchange
  • Duty-free stores
  • Information counters
  • First aid station
  • Airport hospital 
  • Food, drink & retail concessions
  • Lost & found

Moreover, the air terminal is the biggest in Colombia, found very nearly 15 kilometers from the downtown area. It takes something between 30 minutes to an hour to get to the downtown area relying upon the traffic.

Getting Around:

After reaching the airport, you can get to your destination by regulating taxis, public transportation buses, Cabs, Rental, Metro, or local trains.

If you like to walk, stay in La Candelaria. The famous places' entirety is very walkable from here, which will get a good deal on transportation. If you are staying in another zone of Bogotá or need to venture out by vehicle to one of the shopping centers or places of interest outside Bogotá, you will need the Transmilenio. For a South American transport experience, you must take public transport or take a ride on taxis to get around in the city.

Bogota free walking tour:

Bogotá is reasonably inexpensive, especially when you are budget savvy. So, Bogota Free Walking Tour is another brilliant choice to discover the downtown area while walking & learning out about Colombia, Bogotá, and its history. 

You will love your vacation here in the city. So, plan your vacation & book your flights to Bogota. 


LAX to Bogota Flights    

It's time to start making travel plans for 2021, so why not start your tour from Bogota? It's a perfect destination to plan your getaway. It is an exciting destination you would not want to miss as some famous attractions & experiences are worthy of your Bogota itinerary place. Now, stop thinking & fly here by checking all the information from Lax to Bogota Flights. So, you can plan accordingly. Likewise, you will find several airlines that serve Bogota & you are free to choose your travel partner on your search.

Moreover, please choose a comfortable travel partner then you can enjoy your travel. Then don't worry about the high price; you will get a better deal for the same. All you need to do a little research will surely get the one that will be perfect savvy for your Bogota itinerary. In case you need a customized package, you can contact travel/airline executives. They will help you accordingly. 

Flight & Route Information  

  • Origin Airport: Los Angeles Intl.
  • Destination Airport: El Dorado Intl.
  • Total Distance: 5, 567KM
  • Travel Duration: 7 hours 10 minutes
  • Average Cost: $240 (Round Trip)
  • Good Deal for Round Trip: $210
  • Cheap Month to Fly: May
  • Direct Flights Services: Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines, United AirlinesJetBlueAVIANCA Airlines

Flights from Houston to Bogota 

Are you taking a tour to South America? Then it would be best if you visited Bogota, this place brings several adventure & places to the table where you can enjoy your time during your vacation. If your plan is on, then read out this guide; we hope it will help you plan your getaway from Houston to Bogota. Just go through this information & book your flights from Houston to Bogota. You can book any direct or indirect flight as per your convenience & budget. If you book a stopover flight, you can explore one ad on the city during your Bogota itinerary. It's just a suggestion & the choice is yours to make. Moreover, you will find a good deal for connecting or non-connecting routes that take at least five or more hours to touch the Bogota land. For more information about your air services, get associated with executives they are available 24*7.

Flight & Route Information  

  • Origin Airport: George Bush Intercontinental
  • Destination Airport: El Dorado Intl.
  • Total Distance: 3,564 km
  • Travel Duration: 4 Hours 55 Minutes
  • Average Cost: $ 240(Round Trip)
  • Good Deal for Round Trip: $210
  • Cheap Month to Fly: March
  • Direct Flight Services: United Airlines

NYC to Bogota Flights

Discover why the South American capital of Bogota, Colombia, must be on your bucket list. Plan an itinerary & explore Bogota's history, street art, food culture & much more. Take NYC to Bogota flights & explore every place in the city & experience why it is called the country's heart. The city has so much to offer you so find out the maximum during your stay. But before that, get your itinerary ideas such as how much time it will take or how much it will cost you our informative section called flight & route information. It will help you to plan your vacation smoothly. 

Your Bogota vacation will be worth it & to make it more awesome, choosing the right travel partner to enhance your Bogota experience. To make your getaway, you can talk with airline executives. They will help you at every step of your journey.

Flight & Route Information  

  • Origin Airport: John F. Kennedy Intl.
  • Destination Airport: El Dorado Intl.
  • Total Distance: 3,973 km
  • Travel Duration: 5 hours 50 minutes
  • Average Cost: $219 (Round Trip)
  • Good Deal for Round Trip: $195
  • Cheap Month to Fly: May
  • Direct Flight Service: AVIANCA, Delta Airlines

Our Bogota guide doesn't even cover half the things you can experience. So, take your flights to Bogota & experience a moment you never felt before!

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