Flights to Daytona Beach

Flights to Daytona Beach

Book flights to Daytona Beach- Spring Break Capital of World!

Daytona Beach has a nickname, "The world's Most Famous Beach," still, you are searching for Destination? Get flights to Daytona Beach FL, and spend your weekends with your loved ones. Keep on reading to know more about flights to Daytona Beach FL!

About Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is a principal city of the Fun Coast region of Florida. There are several golf courses in Daytona, one of the best things to do in Daytona Beach. The city attracts over 8 million tourists each year. Special events throughout the year like

  1. Speed weeks
  2. Coke zero Sugar 400
  3. Daytona Bike week
  4. Spring break

These events drag millions of visitors to Daytona Beach.

Must-known Facts of Daytona Beach

Country/State: United States/Florida

Mayor: Derrick henry

Area: 176 km2

Population: 61005

Time Zone: UTC + 05:00 (EST)

Area Code: +386

Climate information

Month High / Low (°C) Rain
January 20° / 9° 6 days
February 21° / 11° 5 days
March 23° / 13° 5 days
April 27° / 17° 4 days
May 29° / 20° 5 days
June 31° / 23° 11 days
July 32° / 24° 11 days
August 32° / 24° 12 days
September 31° / 24° 10 days
October 28° / 20° 8 days
November 24° / 15° 5 days
December 22° / 12° 5 days

Note: The summer season lies from June to August and is hot and humid. The winter season lies from December to February. February to July is the peak time to travel to Cape Town.

Most dependable airlines flying to Cape Town

We have listed top airlines which have flights to Daytona Beach FL; before choosing any airline, compare their price and service on various travel websites:

  1. America Airlines
  2. Delta Airlines
  3. Air Canada
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Turkish Airline
  6. Qatar Airways
  7. British Airways
  8. United Airlines
  9. West Jet 
  10. Lufthansa Airline
  11. British Airways
  12. Air France
  13. KLM Airline
  14. Lufthansa Airlines
  15. Emirates

Airports serving Flights to Daytona Beach

  1. Daytona beach international airport
  2. Orlando Sanford international airport
  3. Orlando international airport
  4. Melbourne international airport

Tourist Attractions to Visit in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is famous for its colorful history, world-class culture, Museums, and world-famous beaches. Some of the top Destination of Daytona Beach is listed below:

  1. The Beach
  2. International Speedway
  3. Boardwalk & Pier
  4. Marine Science Centre
  5. Jackie Robinson Ballpark
  6. Stetson Mansion
  7. Lighthouse & Museum
  8. Museum of Arts & Sciences
  9. Tomoka State Park
  10. Heli-Hogs

Where to stay in Daytona?

We have listed some of the top accommodation in Daytona Beach:

Luxury Hotels

  1. Hilton Daytona Beach Resort
  2. Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach
  3. Black Dolphin Inn

Mid-Range Hotels

  1. Holiday inn Daytona beach
  2. Residence Inn Daytona Beach
  3. Holiday inn & Suites Daytona Beach

Budget Hotels

  1. Atlantic Shores Motel
  2. Tropical winds Oceanfront Hotel
  3. Atlantic Ocean Palm Inn

Daytona Beach is known for its fresh seafood, including shrimp, crab, tuna, and fish types. It's also known for American classics like sizzling burgers, sandwiches, and delicious steaks.

Know-how to book cheap flights to Daytona Beach!

When we have a fixed budget, then getting cheap flights to Daytona Beach will be a miracle. There is no need to worry about it; we will provide you some of the top tips by which you can book cheap flights to Daytona Beach. Scroll down to know those tips!

  1. Keep your travelling date Flexible; flexible travelling dates will help you get the best offers and discounts. You can avail the most fantastic flight deals at affordable fares. 
  2. Look for the cheap aviation companies having flights to Daytona Beach FL to help you save money on your travel. 
  3. Make your reservations in advance so that you can get a below-average fare as the flight prices go up when the departure date is closer, and therefore you will have to pay a much higher price for the same ticket. 
  4. To get cheap flights to Daytona Beach, you should look for different airlines on different websites and compare their price and services provided by airlines.
  5. Take flights to Daytona Beach FL, on the weekdays rather than weekends as flights are less expensive on weekdays. 
  6. Direct flights to Daytona Beach would cost you more than connecting flights. Book connecting flights to save money and get the same comfort in lesser money.
  7. If you have a fixed budget, then fly in the low season as, during the low season, the places are less crowded; the flights, hotels, and everything are available at cheaper fares, and you can save a lot of money while enjoying similarly.
  8. Avoid peak season for travelling as a flock of tourists occupies the city. Flights and hotels are jam-packed, making it cost higher for you to travel during the high season. 
  9. Morning departures are considerably higher in price than the evening and night ones. Avoid taking morning flights and switch to the evening. 

The Best time to visit and book flights to Daytona Beach FL

March to May has a beautiful and moderate atmosphere and peak time to travel. Book your flights in low seasons to get an affordable price, book flights on weekdays instead of weekends. Morning flights are much cheaper than Evening flights.

Time to Avoid Booking flights to Daytona Beach

There are some periods in a year when one should not make bookings for Daytona Beach flights because of price hikes in hotels, flights, etc., and a large crowd. Christmas and New Year’s times are very costly, and it is not the right time to make a booking, another time which should avoid in the summer and spring vacations.

Deals And Offers on flights to Daytona Beach

To get amazing deals on your booking, remain active throughout the year. Contact airline's customer service and travel agents to know more about the latest offers. If you are not getting any discount online, contact Travel agents they must provide you the most excellent offer on your journey. Varieties of deals and discounts available all the time; you need to grab those offers to book cheap flights to Daytona Beach.


Flights from Atlanta to Daytona Beach

Are you planning a trip to Daytona Beach, Florida? It would be best if you visited this place as it is only an hour away from Atlanta. Plus, there are so numerous fantastic sightseeing and activities in Daytona that you'll never want to leave! From racetracks to exquisite seashores, Daytona Beach has something for everybody. So, take your flights from Atlanta to Daytona Beach to enjoy your weekend.

Moreover, to fly here in minimum time, you can take Delta Airlines to offer direct services from Hartsfield to Daytona airport. So, check out the cabin class to enjoy your journey. Other than Delta Airlines, you can choose any airline as per your choice & convenience. For more information regarding your Daytona itinerary, feel free to contact airline executives. They will help you by making your Daytona travel a comfortable experience.

Flight & Route Information  

  • Origin Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl.
  • Destination Airport: Daytona Beach Intl.
  • Total Distance: 586 KM
  • Travel duration: 1 Hour 17 Minutes
  • Average Cost: $246 (Round Trip)
  • Good Deal for Round Trip: $179
  • Cheap Month to Fly: June
  • Direct Flights Services: Delta Airlines

Flights to Daytona Beach from Newark

Are you taking a beach vacation with kids? Daytona Beach will be a perfect destination to choose from as it offers a family-friendly area with an array of beachfront parks & other activities. Daytona is filled with awesome things to do, from taking a beach drive to boating with dolphins. Experience the fun with your family by exploring more things to enhance your beach experience. All in all, it's a perfect place for a kind of age, so pack your bags & fly here to have the most fantastic time here in Daytona Beach.

To reach here, check out all the information & then book your flights to Daytona Beach from Newark to have a fantastic time. Also, to cut the additional expenses, connecting with airline executives will help you. So contact them to have the most incredible vacation with your loved one. Your Daytona trip will be worth it as it will connect you closer to you & with your loved one.

Flight & Route Information  

  • Origin Airport: Liberty Intl.
  • Destination Airport: Daytona Beach Intl.
  • Total Distance: 1415 KM
  • Travel duration: 5 Hours 11 Minutes
  • Average Cost: $251 (Round Trip)
  • Good Deal for Round Trip: $209
  • Cheap Month to Fly: May
  • Connecting Flights Services: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines 

Chicago to Daytona Beach Flights

Daytona Beach is home to a pleasant stretch of white sand and an ideal destination for family-friendly fun. It's an unquestionable destination to visit, like the Speedway, wildlife, and historical tourist spots where you can enjoy a good time during your visit. So, check out the route & flight information to plan your getaway soon.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flight services available on this route but don't worry; you can take a connecting flight to reach here soon. American, Delta, United Airlines & few other carriers fly on this route as per your choice & convenience; you can book any Chicago to Daytona Beach Flights. For more information about your travel part, feel free to contact airline executives they will help you so you can travel with peace of mind!

Flight & Route Information  

  • Origin Airport: O'Hare Intl.
  • Destination Airport: Daytona Beach Intl.
  • Total Distance: 1540 KM
  • Travel duration: 3 Hours 42 Minutes
  • Average Cost: $300 (Round Trip)
  • Good Deal for Round Trip: $170
  • Cheap Month to Fly: April & August
  • Connecting Flights Services: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines
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