Flights to Nigeria

Flights to Nigeria

Book your Flights to Nigeria, the Country of passion and celebration.

Nigeria is an African nation located in the Gulf of Guinea. It is popularly known for its rich culture, natural habitats, and conserved wildlife. Nigeria has a very magnificent landscape and various wildlife, which are only found here. It has a lot to offer than anyone can ever expect from this small country. It is full of greenery, wild animals, various plateaus, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. There are also many tribes of people with various languages. But the passion and energy they have is common in every person. You will be welcomed here with lots of energy and celebration making you even more excited and happy. So don’t make your wait any longer, book your flights now and be a part of the everlasting celebration.

Main Airport

The main Airport of Nigeria, you will land at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA). It is located in Ikeja, a city in the state of Lagos, Nigeria. It is the leading Airport, and serves the entire state. All the Airlines from across the world flying to Nigeria will land. Thus making it a very busy and the largest Airport in the region.

Local airlines and hubs

Nigeria's government has a local Airline that operates only domestically, Nigeria Airways, which can be used to commute in the country from city to city.

Hub- Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Secondary Hub- Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.

So if you land from anywhere across the globe, you can travel inside the nation comfortably from the main Airport itself by the domestic airline.

Airlines to this route

The most popular Airlines in this route are- Delta Airlines and United Airlines. These two are the only commercial airlines that offer direct flights from the United States of America to this destination. 

Every week there are about five (5) non-stop flights to Nigeria from Atlanta, Jackson Atlanta International Airport by Delta Airlines. 

United Airlines also offers a maximum of five (5) non-stop Flights to Nigeria from the Houston International Airport each week.

Other Airlines that offer their services to Nigeria are

British Airways.


Africa World Airlines.

Turkish Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines.



Kenya Airlines.


Cheap flights to Nigeria

Some of the most popular routes that offer cheap flights to Nigeria-







  New York-Lagos




  Washington DC- Abuja


Some routes from the USA to Nigeria

The most popular routes from the USA to Nigeria are-

Flights from New York to Lagos

A flight to Lagos from New York would take about 11 hours 13 minutes to cover a distance of 5261 miles. This is the most popular or travelled route from the USA to Nigeria. The cheap flights to Nigeria cost up to $405. And the best time to book your tickets to avail the best rates are in the months, January, February, and September.

Flights to Nigeria, Lagos from Washington DC

Another most commonly travelled route from the USA to Nigeria is from Washington to Lagos. It takes about 11 hours 21 minutes to complete a distance of 5418 miles. The most popular Airline with the cheapest rates on this route is Turkish Airlines. It cost only up to $765 to travel to Lagos by this international Airline.  

Best/ worst time to visit

The best time to visit Nigeria is in February when the climate is warmest. If you are planning to visit Nigeria, you should plan it during the summer months here to enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife, forests, and evergreen mountains of Nigeria. 

And the worst month to plan your vacation to Nigeria in July. It experiences the maximum rainfall in July, making it the wettest and unfavorable to go out and explore the destination.

Top attraction

  • Agodi Gardens.
  •  Bar Beach, Lagos.
  • Andoni Elephant Sanctuary.
  •  Biu Plateau.
  • Aso Rock.
  •  Agbokim Waterfalls.
  •  Benue River.

Why should you visit Nigeria?

Why wouldn’t you visit this place! This place has so much to offer that you would never be tired of this place. It’s full of tall waterfalls and trees in the forests: rare and endangered animals, African Elephants, Cross-river Gorilla, West African Lion, and many more.  

The most popular food in Nigeria is Jollof Rice which is eaten all over the country. Garrei, Pounded Yam, Akara, Pepper Soup are some of the best Nigeria has to offer to your taste buds.

The people of Nigeria are amicable and energetic. If you visit, Nigeria makes sure you enjoy the local dance, Atilogwu, a very rigorous movement of the body. Try to dance to it. All in all, you should visit this place at least once in a lifetime to experience such a lively environment geographically, historically, or culturally. 

How to book cheap flights to Nigeria

  • To book cheap flights to Nigeria, you should book two weeks or 14 days before your travel to ensure the most reasonable rates.
  • Book your cheap flights to Nigeria at noon to avail the lowest prices.
  • Friday is usually the cheapest day to fly to Nigeria.
  • Fares in August are the most affordable/ cheapest.  
  • Keep comparing the prices from time to time before booking to make sure you have booked at a low cost.

Avoid booking tickets

  • Avoid booking your flight to Nigeria at the nip of time. The prices make a rapid increase while booking just before the travel date.
  • Avoid booking a flight to fly in the afternoon. Prices are usually high at this time, as a maximum number of people prefer this as the most convenient time.
  • Flights on a Wednesday to Nigeria are the most expensive. Avoid a flight on a Wednesday.

Routes and Information

Cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria from New York

All flights from the USA would fly directly to Lagos for Nigeria. New York is a bustling city surrounded by tall buildings and a rush life. Take out some time and book cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria, from New York. Visit this magnificent destination. Spend some time amidst these dense forests between the tall trees and rare animals to sight. 

The best time to visit Lagos, Nigeria, is in February. But the best rates for flight tickets are available in- January, February, and September. 

There are about 40 flights on a daily basis on this route. Though none of them is a direct flight, all are connecting flights. The prominent airlines operating in this route are- British Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, United Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic Airways. 

Out of which the airline that provides Cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria from New York- British Airways with the best services and most flights in a day.

Travel Guide

  • Origin Airport- John F. Kenndy International Airport (JFK)
  • Destination Airport- Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS)
  • Travel Distance- 5261 miles
  • Travel Time- 11 hours 13 minutes
  • Fare (round- trip)- $940

Flights from Lagos to Abuja

Lagos and Abuja are the two most populated states in Nigeria. Abuja is the capital of the country. And Lagos is the main dock for all the international flights, making these two also the most crucial states of the country. 

On average, there are about 112 flights from Lagos to Abuja every week. A minimum of 3 direct flights in this route daily. 

Airlines that render their services for flights from Lagos to Abuja are- Asky Airlines, Aerolineas Sosa, Air Peace, and Dana Air.

Air Peace offers the cheapest rates on this route. Make sure to book 3-6 months ahead of the traveling date to avail of the most reasonable rates. Also, there are a lot of heavy discounts and offers available on this route; make sure to cross-check and verify the rates before confirming the tickets.

Important Note: make sure to carry your Passport and a valid ID while traveling to Abuja from Lagos; even though it is a domestic journey but it is essential to carry your passport to enter Abuja for security reasons.

Travel Guide

  • Origin Airport- Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS).
  • Destination Airport- Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (ABV).
  • Travel Distance- 520 miles.
  • Travel Time- 1 hour 8 minutes.
  • Fare (round- trip) - $992.

Flights from Houston to Lagos Nigeria

Nigeria is a state which is vastly spread in forests and land reforms as compared to Houston. Lagos is the hub for all international flights traveling to Nigeria. So please book your Flights from Houston to Lagos Nigeria, to come and see it all with your own eyes. Experience the vast difference in lifestyles, food habits, and habitat between the two states.

You will never regret the decision of visiting this wild destination that has so much to offer than anyone could even dream of. It is whole new life and a complete contrast to what you are living in such a planned city like Houston. 

Well, since you have made up your mind, book your tickets for a Wednesday to avail the cheapest rates. Try to avoid traveling on a Thursday, as it the most expensive day to be flying to Lagos. 

Some of the airlines that provide cheap Flights from Houston to Lagos Nigeria are

Delta Airways

Air France

British Airways


United Airlines


Travel Guide

  • Origin Airport- George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).
  • Destination Airport- Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS).
  • Travel Distance- 10480 miles
  • Travel Time- 11 hours 30 minutes.
  • Fare (round- trip) - $988.
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