Flights to Spokane

Flights to Spokane

Fly to your Dream Destination by taking Flights to Spokane

Are you planning to visit Spokane for your vacation? Wait no further and make the bookings for Flights to Spokane right away. It a really beautiful place to visit and spend good time with your loved ones. Spokane is known for being the gateway to the American west. It has transformed to a vibrant city inn past years. One can enjoy the scenic views in Spokane, located in the midst of nature. It has come a long way since the days of being a rail hub. You can enjoy in nature and also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking 7 biking, equipmental adventures, fishing, boating etc. To get more detailed information about Spokane, the airlines having flights to Spokane, ways to book cheap flights, best time to book flights keep reading.

Which Airlines have Flights to Spokane?

  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Air India
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Emirates
  • KLM
  • Korean Air
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • United Airlines

About Spokane

Spokane is a city in eastern part of Washington. The city is a home to Northwest museum of Arts and culture. Spokane is known as the economic and cultural center of the metropolitan area of Spokane. The city is also known as the birth place of father’s day. Spokane is nicknamed as the ‘Lilac City’. It is the second largest city in Washington. A person visiting Spokane will definitely enjoy the city’s amenities

while embracing the small town feels of the place. The amazing food, buzzing nightlife, great schools, booming art and culture are a few things that make it a perfect place to visit as well as live. It is also the smallest city to host World’s fair. It is home of the Bing Crosby. The city of Spokane has the largest waterfall in the United States. The city is a home to Gonzaga university. It also holds the world’s largest timed footrace, lilac Bloomsday run. It hosts the world’s largest tournament for 3 on 3 basketball. It is also the one to the famed Kirtland cutter designed Davenport hotel .Spokane serves as the major hub for the Inland northwest majorly for the service industries of wholesale and retail trade, medical industries as well as education and entertainment.

Spokane is famous for places like:

  • Riverfront Park
  • Manito Park
  • Spokane Falls
  • Northwest Museum of arts and culture
  • Mount Spokane state park
  • Dishman Hills natural area
  • Mobius children’s museum
  • Looff carrousel and gift shop
  • John A. Finch Arboretum
  • Riverside state park

Places to enjoy the most delicious food in Spokane:

  • Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle
  • The flying goat
  • Clover Restaurant and Bar
  • Mizuna Restaurant and wine bar
  • Cochinito
  • Safari room fresh grill and bar
  • The Elk Public House
  • Chaps Coffee co

Places to enjoy shopping in Spokane:

  • River Park square
  • North town Mall
  • The Flour Mill
  • Five Mile shopping center
  • Heritage village shopping center
  • Manito shopping center
  • Wonders of the world
  • Spokane valley mall
  • Kizuri
  • Indian trails shopping center

Hotels/Properties to have the most relaxing stay in Spokane:

  • Holiday Inn Express Spokane
  • The Davenport Grand
  • The centennial hotel Spokane
  • The historic Davenport
  • Courtyard by Marriott Spokane
  • Hometowne Studios Spokane
  • Ruby River Hotel
  • Hampton Inn 7 Suites Spokane Downtown

How to book cheap Flights to Spokane wa?

If you are planning to take lights to Spokane, it becomes quiet challenging to book cheap flights to Spokane wa. Here are a few points that might help you in booking flights to Spokane at cheaper fares. Follow these tips to increase your chances of getting cheap Flights to Spokane booked.

  1. Be flexible with your travel dates. Look for a month which you are willing to fly in and then check out all the dates for the flight fares and make the booking for the date that is cheapest during that month.
  2. Prefer going for local airlines. Local airlines are usually cheaper than other international airlines. They will offer you better services on offers at much lesser fares.
  3. Book your flights to Spokane in advance. It plays a very important role in getting cheap flights to Spokane booked. Make the bookings atleast 2-3 weeks in advance for flights to Spokane.
  4. Set fare alerts. Setting fare alerts will keep you updated with all the discounts and offers and you can easily get the access to all the early bird discounts and book cheap flights to Spokane wa.
  5. Make use of miles in getting the reservation done. If you are a frequent flyer, it will be an additional benefit for you because you can use miles and save money.
  6. Don’t forget to compare the flights before making the reservations. Look through different websites and compare the fares and services of different airlines to avail the best offers.
  7. Make the bookings for connecting flights if you have a fixed budget for travelling they benefit you in saving money. Non-stop flights are priced higher than connecting ones.
  8. Make the reservations on the cheapest day usually weekdays are less expensive than weekends.

What is the best time to book Flights to Spokane?

Sunday is the best day to make the reservations for Flights to Spokane. Compared to other days, making the reservations on Sundays results in you getting fares at 10% less price than other days. Travelers save up to 36% on their spending when they book tickets on Sundays. The most expensive days to book the tickets are Thursdays and Fridays. The prices are comparatively high during this time. The cheapest month to take flights to Spokane is August. The high season time in Spokane is November and December.

Top destinations worldwide taking Flights to Spokane

  • Las Vegas- Spokane
  • Phoenix- Spokane
  • Sacramento- Spokane
  • San Diego- Spokane
  • Denver- Spokane
  • Ontario- Spokane
  • Boise- Spokane
  • Oakland- Spokane


Seattle to Spokane flights

Seattle is one of the busiest airports in the USA. It is a hub to multiple connecting airlines between different cities. There are as many as 98 flights per day on average on this route, offering many options to choose from. 

To book Seattle to Spokane flights, it's best to fly on a Tuesday to avail of the cheapest rates. Avoid travel on Thursdays; it is the most expensive day to pass on this route.

Airlines operating in this route

The most frequent flyers for Seattle to Spokane flights are held by-

Delta Airlines- offers direct flights of 12 flights daily and 234 flights each month.

Alaska Airlines- offers direct flights of 32 flights daily and 364 flights each month with the best deals and cheapest rates.

Korean Air- also flies nonstop with 11 flights daily.

American Airlines- it has no particular flights; it varies from day to day in a week.

Travel Guide

  • Origin Airport- Seattle- Tacoma International Airport (SEA).
  • Destination Airport- Spokane International Airport (GEG).
  • Travel Distance- 223 miles.
  • Travel Time- 56 minutes.
  • Fare (round-trip) - $135.

Boise to Spokane flights

To book Boise to Spokane flights, you won’t have many options as any other route. Nevertheless, there is a maximum of 8 flights each day with a maximum of only 58 flights weekly on this route. So if you're planning a trip to Spokane from Boise, it's best to book early to avail the cheapest rates. The best deals for this route are usually available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And the cheapest day to travel is on Saturday.

Airlines on this route

Boise to Spokane flights are served by very few airlines-

Alaska Airlines- offers nonstop flights with the cheapest rates on round-trip flights.

Southwest Airlines- also offers nonstop flights and is the most frequent flyer with four flights in a day.

Delta Airlines – offers connecting/ one-stop flights to Spokane, also has the best deals on a one-way trip.

Multi-Airline- there is also an option for opting for multi-airlines; it may sometimes cost you lower than a direct flight.

Travel Guide

  • Origin Airport- Boise Airport (BOI). 
  • Destination Airport- Spokane International Airport (GEG).
  • Travel Distance- 287 miles
  • Travel Time- 1 hour 9 minutes
  • Fare (round-trip) - $162

Lax to Spokane flights

If you have to travel for work or business-related stuff, book your Lax to Spokane flights at the most convenient time. A maximum of 154 flights is scheduled per week to fly from Los Angeles to Spoken, with an average of 22 flights per day. You have multiple options to choose from with various airlines and as per your own comforting time. 

The cheapest day to fly from Lax to Spoken is Thursday; meanwhile, Friday is the most expensive day. And the airline that offers the most affordable rates is Alaska Airlines going as low as $35 for a one-way trip. This is also the most frequent flyer in this route.

Airlines in this route

Several significant airlines are serving Lax to Spokane flights-

Delta Airlines- 270 nonstop flights per month.

Alaska Airlines- 360 nonstop flights per month.

American Airlines- 210 nonstop flights per month.lax

Southwest Airlines- 120 nonstop flights per month.

United Airlines- 30 nonstop flights per month.

Travel Guide

  • Origin Airport- Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
  • Destination Airport- Spokane International Airport (GEG).
  • Travel Distance- 946 miles.
  • Travel Time- 2 hours 36 minutes.
  • Fare (round-trip) - $246.
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