Flights to Syria

Flights to Syria

Your ultimate guide on how to find flights to Syria

If you want to witness resilience in a country, visit Syria at least once in your life. Syria’s soil tells stories of war fought and battles lost. A country whose ruins have become martyrs, screaming in silence the tales of survival. It may appear that Syria has a doomed present but that does not take away from the fact that Syria carries one of the richest histories the world has ever known, in its womb. Although it is a herculean task, to say the least but history has seen countries withering into nothingness and getting up on their feet, Syria too might rise from its ashes to a glorious future.

To get yourself prepared to see the present Syria, you need information about the airlines that operate flights to Syria. If you are on the hunt to book flights to Syria at a reasonable cost, keep on reading for tips from the experts to score great deals on flights.

Popular Cities in Syria you should know

  • Damascus
  • Aleppo
  • Tartus
  • Latakia
  • Palmyra
  • Homs
  • Maaloula
  • Hamah

Your ultimate guide to the airlines that operate domestic and international flights to Syria

The country is experiencing difficult times and political unrest, as a result most airlines have grounded their plans to operate flights to Syria until the predicament subsides. We have here the airlines operating flights to Syria on emergency and humanitarian basis.

  • Emirates Airlines
  • Cham Wings
  • Syrian Air
  • Iran Airlines
  • American Airlines

Guide to Airport operating flights to Syria

Syria has 99 airports but there is little information known to us on how may of them are functioning at the moment. Mentioned below is the list of most popular domestic and international airports in Syria.

  1. Damascus International Airport
  2. Aleppo International Airport
  3. Bessel Al Assad International Airport
  4. Deir ez-Zor Airport
  5. Kanushy Airport
  6. Palmyra Airport

A brief idea of COVID-19 restrictions and Travel Advisories issued by the government of Syria


  • As of March 01 2021, Syria has reported 4760 active cases of COVID-19.

  • Some routes are partially or completely closed by the government.

  • Syria has restricted entry of all travelers into the country. Exemptions are given to Syrian Citizens and national residents. Some international flights to Damascus International Airport are operational. Check the CDC website to read all the exemptions.

  • All travelers entering Syria are to show negative COVID-19 viral or antigen test result issued 96 hours prior to their departure. Waivers may be granted to children below 12 years of age.

  • Syrian citizens or permanent citizens arriving must show Passenger Locator Form upon arriving. They could be subjected to self -isolate.

All done with booking flights to Syria? Experience the culture while you are there

Damascus Umayyad Mosque is a gorgeous mosque perched at the heart of the city, Damascus. The reminiscence of culture and art lingers in its corridors.

Get a vantage point climbing all the way to Aleppo Citadel and witness Syria in its raw and unfiltered form.

Site of Palmyra is a site that carriers with it relics of the Roman era. It’s a great site to witness ancient architecture.

Quintessential Cafes and restaurants to look for after booking flights to Syria

Syrian food has predominance of Turkish cuisine. The most famous staple delicacies are Muhammara, Fattoush, Kibbeh. Desserts such as Baklava and Halva brings people to their knees with their unique flavor. This is just a glimpse of what you will experience once you have booked flights to Syria. Have a look at the top restaurants and eateries;

Bagdad Café 66

Pancake House Traditional Palmyra Restaurant

Al Mirage

Warm Apple Pie

Ways to getting in and around Syria

Syria is a war zone at the moment. As of now availability of any kind of public transport is scarce. The country does have great transportation system catering to natives and tourists for decades.

Train-The Syrian Arab Republic Train has stations at all the major cities. .

Taxis - The transit from airport to Damascus, Palmyra and other major cities can be covered by public taxis.

Bus- The Syrian Arab Republic Buses covers a lot of major spots in Damascus, Palmyra and Aleppo.

How to get flights to Syria at budget friendly prices? Learn from the best of the best

  1. Pay with credit card for flights to Syria

Debit Cards and cash can be used for other payments, use credit card to pay for everything regarding flights to Syria fares to earn air miles and better flight deals for future.

  1. Streamlining your flight options

While you are looking for flights to Syria keep in mind to look for travel search engines such as Kayak, flightsdesk and lesser-known sites like Jet Radar. Also compare the fares with the prices offered on airlines’ official sites for exclusive offers.

  1. Signing bonus -your best friend

Planned spending using credit card accelerate your earning miles along with signing bonuses. Just remember that not every credit card provides these bonuses, so be careful while making your payment for flights to Syria.

  1. Hotel tie-ups at your service

Looking for a last-minute hotel deal during a layover or a night flights to Syria could become a hassle. Many airlines therefore have tie-ups with several hotels.

  1. Redeeming your air miles

Always be on the lookout for airline alliance members. If you happen to have United air miles you can use them on its alliance Thai Airways and vice versa. A quick google search before booking flights to Syria tickets and learning about recent mergers and airline alliance saves a lot of money and unnecessary expenditure.

What is the best time to book flights to Syria?

Due to political unrest and turmoil the country is dealing with right now, please do a thorough research before planning to book flights to Syria. May – October experience hot and dry weather. November-April experience cold and wet weather. Spring season is the time when Syria blooms. March-May are the ideal months and considered the best time to visit Syria and indulge in the culture. These months are considered the high-season therefore leading to increase in flight fares. To get cheap flights to Syria try to book flights during the low season.

Exquisite Hotels for your stay in Syria

Get yourself flights to Syria to know why travelers fall in love with this country, despite the continuous unrest. When you feel like you can call it a day and would want nothing but a comfortable bed to collect your thoughts in peace, have a look at the list of hotels in Syria

Beit Al Mamlouka

Beit Al Wali Hotel

Beit Zofran Hotel de Charme

Al Madinah City Hotel

Beit Akbik Hotel

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