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What is the best part about visiting a place that is so completely different from you that it feels surreal? It makes you humble. You must have heard wise people say that when ego starts to puff its chest, take a walk on the other side of the world. The realization of your existence will dawn upon you. If topics such as existentialism have been taking up space in your head then Taiwan is the place for you. The country is an amalgamation of beautiful paradoxes. Without any further ado, lets book flights to Taiwan and dive in.

Top Destinations for tourists


Now that you have a general idea of destinations to look for let’s talk about the airlines that operate international flights to Taiwan.
If you are on the hunt to book cheap flights to Taiwan, keep on reading for tips from our experts to score great deals on flights.

Most popular airlines for flights to Taiwan

China Airlines
Thai Airways
Singapore Airlines

Brief Guide about the airports in Taiwan

  1. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)- This is the biggest hub airport in Taiwan which serves Asian destinations and American West Coast. Sometimes it is confusingly called Chiang Kai Shek International Airport. It is not like your ginormous Asian Airports. Being smaller in size comparatively, adds to its charms.
    Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)-This airport is considered as the alternate to TPE and therefore serves 15% of all international travels in the country. Kaohsiung is the largest contributor in the export economy so KHH is used for that purpose as well and serves Asian destinations such as China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia.
    Taichung International Airport (RMQ)-The airport is situated in the countryside by Taiwan Strait in Shalu District. A little fun tip for our readers who will book flights to Taiwan for the first time, that if you happen to spend time at this airport, bring your own food and beverages as RMQ doesn’t serve food.
    Taipei Songchan Airport (TSA)-The airport is situated in Songchan district of Taipei and was originally a military base for Japanese Army. In the past it only served domestic destinations but now has been serving few international flights as well.

Attractions, Sights and Landmarks you just can’t miss


When you fly internationally to a country for the first time, you are curious about the lifestyle of the locals the most. Taiwan organizes some great insightful half day and full day tours for all its curious travelers. If you happen to be someone who feels uncomfortable with crowds you have the option to book private tours as well. Buckle up for your international flights to Taiwan.
Jiufen Village (Chiufen) and North East Coast Half Day tour
Sky Lantern Experience
Small Group Tour- Jiufen, Yehliu Geopark
Taipei Private Street food tour
Teapot Mountain Hike
Private Car charter tour


By booking flights to Taiwan, you are booking an experience of a lifetime in a single visit. Taiwan has a rich past and the traces of it are illuminated by historic sights and places. Its famous Lin Family’ residence is also open for public. Do not worry about the entry fees as most of the fees very little entry charges. Book your international flights to Taiwan and ruminate in its history. We have mentioned some majestic places for you below;
Bitoujiao Trail
Fulong Old Caoling Tunnel
The Lin Family Mansion and Garden


Music and dance transcend language and biases. Wouldn’t you agree? You might not understand what the artist is saying but you can feel her pain. To get yourself a fantastic experience of Taiwanese culture through their dance and theatre book flights to Taiwan as soon as possible. When in Taiwan check out these places;
Chiufen Shengpin Theatre
Cloud Gate dance Theatre
New Taipei City Art Theatre

Apart from the above-mentioned attractions Taiwan hosts really wonderful annual events. What do you have to do witness those events? That’s right! Book flights to Taiwan and experience the culture up close and personal.

Food, Festive and Fun

We have taken care of your epicurean adventure as well. Explore the infamous tea houses, local cuisine in Taiwan. There is no need to browse the internet anymore, we have all your requirements right here. From quick inexpensive meals to fine dining, places with outdoor seating so that you can take in the view to excellent places that serve the best desserts in the country, all listed below. When you book international flights to Taiwan do not forget to make a list of these places to try.


Mayur Indian Kitchen
Pizza Rock Xinzhuang


Bravo Beer- Taipei Civic Store


Moon Pavilion
Siliq Café
Shi Yong Tea House


Jiofen Teahouse
A Gan Yi Taro Balls
Lao Zhen Xiang Bakery

Where to shop

Immerse yourself in the exotic world of tea houses, delicacies such as Dingbiancuo and Paopaobing in Taiwan. The streets and alleys are a great place to shop in the mornings while the night markets are a thing to explore at nights. Trust us you will not regret booking international flights to Taiwan when you see the list, we have crafted for you.
Chiufen (Jiufen Old Street)
Ruifang Night Market
Keeling Miaokao Night Market
Badozi Night Market
Dongan Night Market

Getting in and around the city

Taiwan has great connectivity and this just adds to the charm among travelers. With great transportation system commuting is one less thing to worry about. Book flights to Taiwan and get yourself acquainted with the transportation, like a native.

Mass Transportation System

Buses-The state has brilliant system of Bus, such as Kuokuang Motor Transport and San Chung Bus for natives and travellers alike.
Local Metro- The local metro has all the major landmarks covered under its stations such as Banqiao Station. The routes are easy to understand by foreign travellers. Get your tickets for flights to Taiwan and drink in the experience.
Taxis and Shuttles- The commute from airports to the downtown can be covered by taxi and shuttle services.

Best Time to book flights to Taiwan

The months of June to August are considered the best time to explore Taiwan and also take part in the annual events and shows. These months are considered the high-season therefore leading to increase in flight fares. To get cheap flights to Taiwan try to book flights to Taiwan during the low season.

Where to stay

We have compiled a list of the best hotels and resorts to stay in Taiwan. Some of them are luxurious and others pocket friendly. With the tips to book cheap flights to Taiwan, once you have saved enough money you can easily afford top hotels and resorts. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Budget Friendly Options

Hotel Cham Cham
Li Shiuan International Hotel
Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao

Pamper Yourself with these choice

Maison De Chine Jiaoxi
Caesar Prak Kenting
Cuncyue Hot Springs Resort

The time is now. You will never get this chance on flights to Taiwan back. Grab your passport and a printout of this article and get moving.

Popular Operating Routes

Flights to Taiwan from LAX

It can be trip to experience the culture of the other side of the world. We are here to tell you that this might be the best thing you would do for yourself in 2021. Whatever kind of visit it is -make the most of your flights to Taiwan from LAX by getting discounts on your fare.
With added security and safety precautions airlines are going by the book, making sure passengers feel safe and comforted. Mentioned below are the added measures;
Heightened Sanitation
Mandatory Masks
Social Distancing Seating arrangement
Pre-flight testing for anti-bodies
Flexible Cancellations

Information about airports and airlines

There are four airports in Taiwan. They are

  1. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)
  2. Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)
  3. Taichung International Airport (RMQ)
  4. Taipei Songchan Airport (TSA)
    The most popular airline on this route is Eva Air. Many airlines upload great deals and offers under their vacation packages and rewards in their frequent flying programs. Go through its official site before booking flights to Taiwan from LAX. The average flights to Taiwan from LAX will take 14 h 05 minutes. The cheapest fare would cost you around $700- $750. There are 96 flights that fly on this route per week.

Tips from experts that guarantee savings on flights to Taiwan from LAX

It is beneficial to have information about seasons at your disposal before looking for flights to Taiwan from LAX. You may be wondering why is that? High Season is the time period which pulls huge number of crowds thus making the fare price go up. On the same note, few people travel during the low season and therefore the ticket prices are cheap and seats always available.
Taiwan has March that is considered an off -peak season. If your itinerary allows, make your reservations for flights to Taiwan from LAX during the low season to make that extra saving.
The cheapest time to book flights to two weeks before your departure. Avoid making your bookings in a rush.

Place to rest

Place to rest for a while

Places to Rest

Traveling on a budget can be fun if at the end of the day you get to sleep in a comfortable bed and you are taken care of by kind hotel staff. Here is the list of our top picks for hotels and resorts for you.
Hotel Cham Cham
Li Shiuan International Hotel
Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao

Flights to Taiwan from SFO

Ready to explore world-class attractions in Taiwan? The place has something for every age dynamic. Whether you have your little ones with you on this trip or if it’s a solo trip, the country will cast a spell on you. You are in luck because we have searched an found some amazing deals on flights to Taiwan from SFO.
Under the light of ongoing pandemic, many international flights have decided to decrease their fares. Although travel is not recommended but if it’s important and cannot be postponed why not look for some cheap flights to Taiwan from SFO and start saving? Keep reading for more

Flexible Cancellations

The airlines that fly flights from NYC to Memphis are China Airlines, EVA Air, Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines. There are 101 flights to Taiwan from SFO per week. The most popular airline on this route is Thai Airways. Average flights to Taiwan from SFO take13 h and 29 minutes and would cost you around $700 -$760. Many airlines have policies and measures that are made in your best interest. Easy cancellations and updates about any delays or rescheduling under your reach! What more can you ask for in these times?

Places to rest

All that travelling must have made you exhausted and you can kill for a comfortable bed and room service? We have compiled a list of most recommended hotels and resorts for you that a little expensive but fit right in your budget for the savings you have done on flights to Taiwan from SFO.
Maison De Chine Jiaoxi
Caesar Prak Kenting
Cuncyue Hot Springs Resort
The country is waiting for you what is there to lose? Make bookings for flights to Taiwan from SFO and marvel at its beauty.

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