Flights to Trinidad

Flights to Trinidad

Flights to Trinidad- Vacation on the Beach Islands of the Caribbean

Trinidad is known collectively as the TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. It is located on the northern coast of Venezuela. Trinidad is the most populated island with more land area as compared to its brother island Tobago. These islands are a part of the West Indies. It is the fifth-largest island. Trinidad is famous for its Hummingbird reserve, and its original name was after the Hummingbirds known as “LERE” in the local language. It means home of the Hummingbird. Therefore a park is reserved separately for the Hummingbirds and called a Yerette. So spend a day with these hummingbirds around you. Book your Flights to Trinidad now and have a happy vacation.

These islands are famous for their widespread sparkling beaches, Caribbean dance form known as LIMBO, festivals, musical extravagance, and luscious green trees and forests around the entire island. Wanderlust from all around the world visit this place for a fun getaway in these beach islands. Thus this is a very desired location by most travelers.

Operational Airlines to Trinidad. 

Trinidad is an island, so not many airlines fly to this destination. However, few prominent airlines operate flights to this beautiful location-

  1. American Airlines
  2. United Airlines 
  3. Qatar Airways
  4. Caribbean Airlines
  5. Copa
  6. Avianca
  7. Iberia
  8. JetBlue.

There are nonstop flights from many prominent cities of the USA which operate daily. JetBlue Airways operates daily flights from New York and Fort Lauderdale to Trinidad. 

Airport of Trinidad.

Three major airports in the area serve Trinidad. They are located in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. And the main airport that serves the entire Trinidad is Piarco International Airport. All the domestic and international flights are flying to Trinidad land here. So don't confuse yourselves. Book your direct flights and land on this beautiful island for some leisure time.

Best time to visit

Trinidad experiences its best weather during the spring season. February is the best month to spend your days in Trinidad. The flowers are blooming, and the weather is just perfect for anyone to explore this beach island location. Though decent deals are found throughout the year to this location. And April is recorded as the hottest month. So try to avoid planning a vacation from April to July. 

Things to do in Trinidad

Trinidad is known for many things, most prominently for its beauty and landscape in the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Some of the top-rated places as per the tourist choice for recreation are-

  • Maracas Beach
  • Asa Wright Nature Centre
  • Queen’s Park Savannah
  • Bamboo Cathedral
  • Yerette (Humming Bird Reserve)
  • Las Cuevas Beach
  • Caroni Swamp.

Best Food and Hotels in Trinidad- 

Cuisines of Trinidad are very different in taste and texture as compared to many South American places. The cuisine of Trinidad has to be tasted to explore and know better about this place. Some of the best and must-try cuisines Trinidad has to offer are-

  • Callaloo (the national dish).
  • Coconut Jelly.
  • Pholourie.
  • Bake and shark.
  • Doubles.

Trinidad has as many as 185 hotels with various costs as per the facilities provided. Most of the hotels are rated with four stars or above by the customers availing of their services. Therefore, you can be assured of having a safe and comfy place for yourself and your family. A lot of hotels have spas and swimming pools too. Some of the most recommended hotels in Trinidad are-

  • Courtyard by Marriott Port of Spain.
  • Tropikist Beach Hotel and Resort.
  • Fork Winks Inn. 
  • Crews Inn Hotel and Yachting Centre.

Cheap flights to Trinidad

Flights to Trinidad are marginally higher than most of the routes on average. However, there are few simple things to remember for booking cheap flights to Trinidad. Try these simple tricks and get the best deals on your flights.

  • Book your cheap flights to Trinidad in June to get the most affordable rates. 
  • Usually, it is recorded that flights that depart on Saturday for Trinidad are with the lowest prices. And the flights departing on Friday are the most expensive.
  • Another good tip, if possible for you, try to book an evening flight for the cheapest cost for the tickets and save money on the tickets for some better use of it in the trip. And the morning flights are the most expensive ones.  
  • Clear all the cookies from the search engine you have been looking for the tickets before booking the tickets.
  • Do some bit of research before booking the tickets and compare in various airlines. 
  • But, if you stumble across a good deal, make sure to grab it and not wait any longer and make good use of it.

Most common routes

Some of the most common routes to Trinidad which are most frequently used by passengers used to travel to and from Trinidad-

Flights from London, the United Kingdom to Trinidad- $1354 for a round trip. And on average, a one-way trip would cost $1060. It takes about 12 hours to reach from London to Trinidad. It the most preferred route for tourists from the United Kingdom. As it is the easiest route with only a short stop before reaching the destination Trinidad.

Avoid booking flights

  • Avoid booking flights during the festival seasons to avoid booking at high rates.
  • Avoid booking flights anywhere after ten weeks for travel. It is recommended to book flights a minimum of 10 weeks before the travel date.

Book your flights to Trinidad and have an experience of a lifetime.


Flights from Miami to Trinidad

Miami and Trinidad are the two best cities and must be visited locations in this world. They both are just locations with lots of life and happiness. The moment you reach either of the towns, it gives you a positive vibe and makes you more energetic. Also, the beach is the common link between the two cities. Book your flights from Miami to Trinidad and experience a whole ride of happiness and fun simultaneously.

Approximately ten flights are operating nonstop on this route. Thus, it gives you some standard options to choose from to book your tickets. April is said to be the month with the lowest rates for this route. Also, there are multiple deals and offers available throughout the year, so make sure you score the best deals for yourself. 

Airlines operating in this route

American Airlines and JetBlue airlines are the most preferred airlines by passengers who fly from Miami to Trinidad. American Airlines is said to be offering the lowest rates on flights from Miami to Trinidad.

Travel guide-

  • Origin Airport- Miami International Airport (MIA).
  • Destination Airport- Piarco International Airport (POS).
  • Travel Distance- 2612 kilometers.
  • Travel Time- 3 hours 45 minutes.
  • Fare (round-trip) - $379.

Flights to Trinidad from Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most populous states of the United States of American. People here have a very hectic schedule of life. So you need to relax and take some time to pat yourself on the back and say you deserve a break. A break in one of the most desired locations, besides the beaches and greenery and the soothing chirps of the Hummingbird. Yes, you deserve that. So get up and book your flights to Trinidad from Atlanta and have an exciting vacation. 

Trinidad is an excellent destination even for solo travelers. You won’t get bored. So many activities, the beauty of the environment, beaches, and various spicy food. Food is the love of us all. Come and try some very different tastes of the Caribbean and dance with the locals.

Airlines operating in this route-

Four prominent airlines operate in this route daily efficiently.

JetBlue Airlines.

United Airlines.

American Airlines.

Air Canada.

American Airlines flies with the lowest rates making it the most cost-effective airline. However, there are no direct flights to Trinidad from Atlanta. All flights fly with a minimum of 1 stop on the route.

Travel guide-

  • Origin Airport- Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).
  • Destination Airport- Piarco International Airport (POS).
  • Travel Distance- 3498 kilometers.
  • Travel Time- 6 hours 38 minutes.
  • Fare (round-trip) - $730.

Flights to Trinidad from NYC

Are you bored and angry with your life? Just chill. Plan a trip to the best beach island destination, Trinidad. It a much-desired location by travelers across the world. Book your flights to Trinidad from NYC.

Airlines operating in this route-

New York is the hub for all international travels. Therefore all the airlines traveling to Trinidad always passes through NYC. Consequently, the airlines that operate in this route are-

American Airlines.

Caribbean Airlines.


United Airlines.

Air Canada.

American Airlines and Air Canada are recorded as the flights with the lowest rates. And Caribbean Airlines is the most frequent flyer in this route. There are about 20 flights on average that operate flights to Trinidad from NYC.


New York is served by three major airports, John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Airport. Flights to Trinidad fly from all the three-terminal airports. But the most common route with the best deals is the John F. Kennedy International Airport to Trinidad.

Three airports also serve Trinidad. But all flights to Trinidad land in the Piarco International Airport only. They are making it hassle-free and easy to commute to the city.

Travel guide-

  • Origin Airport- Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) / LaGuardia Airport (LGA) / John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).
  • Destination Airport- Piarco International Airport (POS).
  • Travel Distance- 3560 kilometers.
  • Travel Time- 4 hours 55 minutes.
  • Fare (round-trip) - $555.












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