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An island bursting with effervescent art, soul-stirring music and villages shrouded in colonial charm.

Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a population as warm and amusing as its tropical climate and colourful arts. Located 90 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida, Cuba is the largest Caribbean island nation and is begging to be explored. The island is alienated into 15 provinces and one special municipality, Isla de la Juventud. Prominent Cuba areas included rural seaside Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second-largest city next to Havana rife with colourful Afro-Cuban influence, Pinar del Rio, where tobacco farming builds economic momentum and colonial Trinidad, a sleepy town designated a UNESCO world heritage site nestled between Majestic Mountain and the sea.

Best Places To Visit In Cuba

  • Havana

  • This erudite, historical and multi-ethnic city is known for its remarkable nightlife, but days offer just as much exhilaration as well. Start your adventure from LA Habana Vieja, or the Old Town, where crumbling colonial buildings and vibrant mid-century structures stand side by side. It would be a pity if you leave Havana without watching cigars being rolled by hand in a small factory, or devouring some famous local rum fresh from the distillery. Blend with locals along Malecon; the seawall right along the shore that offers sea views and plenty of entertainment.

  • Trinidad

  • A perfect place for those who have a love of architecture and history and are an amazing place to visit in Cuba. Plaza Mayor, the heart of Trinidad and the main square surrounded by neo-Baroque buildings. Beside the plaza is a colonial convent that now lines the Museum of the War against the Bandits or the Lucha Contra Bandidos. After reconnoitering the museum, walk uphill away from the Plaza Mayor to shop for handicraft mementoes. There you can find many popular items which mostly include hand-sewn tablecloths and napkin linens. Visit to admire a fantastic collection of 19thcentury artworks and antiques.

  • Vinales

  • Although Cuba has numerous national parks, none is so beautiful and reachable as the one located in the Valley of Vinales. It is known as a stunning destination, and as per the history, it was Castro’s favorite place on the island. The valley is surrounded by mountains, tobacco and countless caves add an extra ounce of adventure for the intrepid traveller. One of the most predominant caves is the Indian Caves or Cuevas del Indio where you can enjoy a boat ride completely within the cavern system.

  • Varadero

  • When it comes to the beach vacation, we all dream of white sand, turquoise water and no other people around. If you are looking for the same then Varadero is the place for you. It covers Cuba’s narrow Hicacos Peninsula and is best known as a tourist resort with more than 20km of white, sandy beached and clear blue water. The peninsula is only 1.2 km at its widest point and is separated from the island of Cuba by the Kawama Channel. Visit this enchanting place and experience the serene beauty of this place.

Activities You Can Experience In Cuba!

When in Cuba it is must to smoke a Cuban cigar. One can enjoy some of the best Cuban Cigars right from the tobacco farms.

This 16th-century fort sits across the bay from Old Havana and is a perfect place to get city views.

There are many kinds of mojitos available but the mojitos in Cuba are so addicting and refreshing that it can turn from 1 to 2 real fast.

If you love hiking and want to experience the same on the next level then you should definitely visit here. The park is full of waterfalls to explore and hiking opportunities.

Apart from beaches and mountains, you can actually visit a midnight club inside a real cave. It is one of the coolest things to do in Cuba!

  • Smoke a Cuban Cigar
  • Morro Castle In Havana
  • Drink A Real Mojito
  • Topes National Park
  • Underground Cave Club

Local Special!

Cuba is intriguing on several levels from culture to food, politics to arts. Everything about this country is passionate and warm. Cuban street food is just like that. Let’s get to the streets straight to know more about the mouth-watering delicacies.

Hawaiian Pizza

If you want to get up with locals and eat this pizza like a taco. It is said to heal every hangover, but if you want to boost its powers combine it with one peso Cuban coffee.

Egg Sandwiches

The name is not that promising but it is worth a shot. It is super affordable and delicious. Made with a fried egg and soft bread.

Hamburgesa de Cerdo

This is must-try for burger lovers, good food lovers and meat lovers. Enjoy a perfect Cuban burger at an affordable price.

Guava Milkshake

If you like mango, strawberries and mango then you will definitely enjoy its deliciousness. It is made out of peeled, fresh guava, milk and sugar. For a much better taste drink it right away.

Things To Take Care About When In Cuba

Plan your trip to Cuba between Mid-November & March

The best time to visit Cuba is between Mid-November to March when the weather is pleasant and coolest.

Print Out Your Documents Before Leaving

Due to lack of technology in Cuba, it is recommended to print and take any travel documents, insurance, reservations or other information you need before leaving.

Carry lots of cash

There are no ATM’s available there, so it is a must that you carry a huge amount of money when visiting Cuba as they do not accept debit cards.

Don’t take US Dollars to exchange

In Cuba, you can exchange any currency but not US Dollars as it gets charged a 10% fee in addition to the current exchange rate while all the other currencies don’t get any additional fee besides the exchange spread.

Confirm the demanded currency

As Cuba has two different currencies, make sure to confirm which is high on demand before visiting.