-Road Trip To California Coast?- Don’t Miss on These Stops on the Way!

Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost” - Erol Ozan

These lines by Erol Ozan are 100% accurate. Unless and until you commit to getting lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the road, you won’t get to explore it the way you want. Every road has an end and it will take you to the destination but what is more exciting is the way to the destination. Enjoy it to the core and explore each inch of the distance. 

If you feel the same kind of thrill and anxiety to rush on a road trip now. Pack your bags and Gas up your car and get ready to control your adrenaline rush. A road trip to the California Coast is the most venturesome one and every traveler should experience it at least once. For your information, it’s not only about the destination that we are talking about but it’s also about the thrilling roads and paths to the California Coast. When you will start your journey to the Coast you might end up bargaining into some of the beautiful spots in between which you shouldn’t leave unexplored. 

Let’s check out the best 5 spots you shouldn’t miss on your way to California Coast and some essentials to take care about:

  • San Francisco

  • ‘San Francisco has only one drawback: it’s hard to leave’ this line is legit true and you will feel it once you reach there. Dine on Dungeness crab at Fisherman’s Wharf, jog at Golden Gate Park or roam around Alcatraz. This city besides the bay isn’t just a quick stop and go one but also is an appropriate place to stay back. Plan at least one night stay here and try to find a stay near the sights. 

  • Big Sur

  • The drive between San Francisco and Big Sur can be an unforgettable one. With some intimate beaches, momentous redwoods, and fog-shrouded bluffs there are plenty of stops along the way that are worth visiting.

  • Solvang

  • After spending your time well in Big Sur, get into the car drive for approx 4 hours. You will find a beautiful place coming your way, the Danish Village: Solvang. While the drive on the stretch of 175nmiles, you have a lot of things to do. Get a tour of Hearst Castle, go visit the Pismo Beach and race a dune buggy, and recreate the journey of Sideways by popping into wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley. There is much more to do at this place which cannot be described in words. Visit here once.

  • Los Angeles

  • While you leave Solvang and reach Los Angeles, your mind might take some time to adapt it. It might look like watching a period film and then going for a show of some western Hollywood films of modern days. One thing is for sure! LA is the best destination to shop all around the California coast. The city is famous for its high-class glamour, food, and hip bars with some of its street food (check out the tacos in Boyle Heights and other dishes in Silver Lake). 

  • Orange County

  • The city is as organic and natural as it sounds. With all the magical beaches, high-end shopping complexes, and beautiful humans all around, Orange County is a dream place for a weekend getaway. Peek into the Disneyland’s Matterhorn looming over the landscape, or a witness a surfer on the perfect wave. You can have a visit to Heisler Park to get some dreamy sunset views too. Experience some memorable attractions in Orange County.