-Saas-Fee- A Weekend at the Snowy Saas-Fee is What You Need

We know not all mountain people like snow! But come on, who doesn’t like snowfall and playing in the snow. And it is like the cherry on the cake when you have an option to spend as much as you like. Investing your savings on a place where there is snow around and you can be free is the best feeling. To get this vibe and feeling, there is no better place than SaaS-Fee village in Switzerland. 

This small little village in Valais at the peaks of Switzerland is like heaven on Earth. When all parts of Europe are melting with high temperatures, this place is always frozen. SaaS-Fee is a place of real history but has also managed to maintain the modern touch with all the snow sports. Located on a high plateau at 1,800 meters, which is surrounded by 13 beautiful peaks, mostly in the Alps above 400 meters, this village got the name of The Pearl of the Alps for a reason. This classic ski resort treated by well-maintained wood infrastructure and a car-free area is the most beautiful getaway in leisure.

There are a lot of things which you can do here, let’s ski down the slopes to check all the things you can do and feel here at the SaaS-Fee Village. 

  • Skiing

  • If you go to a place where there are snows 12 months, can you come back without a picture of your cute self-holding ski sticks in the snow? No one can. Skiing is one of the necessary things to do when in SaaS-Fee.

    Firstly, the high altitude of the peaks, reaching out at 3,500 meters, ensures snow-sure pistes and a long and healthy ski season that stays up to April. The ski area here is comparatively compact and has an easy connection to SaaS-Ground and Saas-Almagell.

  • Allalin Ice Pavilion

  • The 5,500-cubic-metre Ice Pavilion in the heart of the glacier has lately been modified with new ice sculptures and an avalanche simulator. You can also get some interesting information about the science and history of the glacier: The ice at the different points has a different age, which is mentioned with important historical events that took place on that particular date.

  • Threes!xty Revolving Restaurant

  • Just above the Ice Pavilion lies a record-breaking restaurant (a revolving one) that provides delicious food with a gorgeous view of sublime mountain peaks touching skies. It takes one hour for one revolution to complete and while the food at this amazing location will never be cheaper but yes it’s worth it. Threes!xty is the highest revolving restaurant in the world and Switzerland’s highest restaurant.

  • Langfluh

  • After experiencing the snow and the beautiful view from the Threes!xty revolving restaurant, you can spend some time at Langfluh a rocky outcrop at the center of the peaks rising to nearly 4,000 meters or more. At this point, almost 2,900 meters up where you can check the Fee Glacier and its several seracs and crevasses.

    If you are a hiker, you could either stop at the earlier stop at Spielboden and walk up to Langfluh or start walking towards the other direction.

  • George Alpine

  • Going to a snowy place would lead to other snowy places nearby. This doesn’t mean you will get to see almost the same things everywhere. Different peaks there have different things to offer. If covered by road, the distance between SaaS-Fee and Saas-Grund is just 5 minutes. You can only complete this trip with the help of a mountain guide; he will help you spot places. The George is now made navigable by a network of steel ropes, suspension bridges, ladders, and a Tyrolean zip-line. If you want that adrenaline urge, go visit there for sure. You can also enjoy frozen waterfalls and relax watching the view.