-These Secret Islands in Europe- Will leave you Awestruck

The road not taken is always the best road to explore. Sometimes, we prefer to roam around some of the most famous or popular locations to get the vibe or to experience it. But sometimes our heart wants to wander around on empty beaches and just feel the beaches or the roads that are less traveled or left unexplored.

What can be better than some beautiful secret European island that is not discovered by many of the people? As we know, Europe is one of the smallest continents on the planet but when it’s about the cultural and heritage legacy, it is surely one of the greatest. Therefore, exploring Europe is another level of adventure. Here we have listed some of the most secret islands in Europe that you might not want to miss on. Let’s take the road less traveled and enjoy each and every color of it.

  • Lastovo, Croatia

  • Popular as Croatia’s remotest island, Lastova is craved between the northern tip of Puglia and the southern end of the Dalmatian Coast. Lastovo is the largest of all the 47 rugged islands that are scattered like gemstones in the crystalline Adriatic. Being on Lastovo is like getting closer to nature. Almost 70% of the island’s surface is covered in the sheet of the forest. To inhale the warm scent of Aleppo pines and explore the path of walking trails that criss-cross from inland villages out to the coast. 

  • Pico, Azores

  • A beautiful island located near the North Atlantic, Pico is the second largest in the cluster of Azores is best for whale-watching. For your information, to experience the best view, visit between March and October. The island also has a submerged seamount 45 nautical miles from the Pico. To witness diversified sea life and huge shoals of Mobula and Manta rays. Apart from these, you can also trek on Mount Pico dominating the island. So, put on your hiking shoes and sunglasses and get ready for a discovery like never before. 

  • Gozo, Malta

  • Gozo; the island of Sparkling coves has a long and interesting story behind it. The island of Gozo is surrounded by cerulean waters and forms the perfect backdrop of legends and myths. This island has been featured in many of the series like Game of Thrones and By The Sea but it is untamed and unspoiled yet. North Africa, Arabia, and Sicily meet in the sizzling and spiky stone in the sea near Malta’s smaller sister island. 

  • Prangli, Estonia

  • Prangli is best known as the meeting point of Scandi and Soviet where time stood still. 

    Covering almost 2,000 islands, Estonia has Prangli at the Gulf of Finland. The water here is comparatively icier. To warm you up in the ice, there are cozy and warm cabins with wooden saunas. The collision of Scandi and Soviets happened here at this tiny little island, where everything seems to be the same for 600 years. 

  • ILE D’AIX, France

  • Known for the Oysters on its beach, ILE D’aix is engraved off the coast of La Rochelle. Aix, as it is called, has a rich military heritage and served as a prison during the French Revolution. Once you go there, you can book your stay at the hotel Napoleon, the only hotel on the island, which has dull blue shutters and contemporary interiors. Ride a bicycle and weave through the car-free island. And don’t forget to slurp the Charente-Maritime’s famed oysters at Speiser Franck, a no-frills shack overlooking the beds, and swim at the Plage de l’Anse de la Croix.