-Be an Adventurer- When in Spain!

Impassioned and dedicated to good living, Spain (Spanish: Reino de Espania) is a venue of the contrast of both; Stereotype come to life and a country more diverse than ever imagined.

“Toda Aventura empieza con un si!”

English: Every adventure starts with a yes!

You may see Spain as a land of landscapes that can twitch the soul. Once you arrive in Spain, you will observe that it is a way more diversified and versatile place than you expect it to be. If you feel that sprawling on the beach or walking on the unexplored streets is not enough for you? we know what are you searching for! And guess what! we have a treat for you (even more delicious than Paella!).

We have listed some of the breath-taking and most adventurous destinations in Spain with what thrill you can actually experience there. Hold your breath, tighten your seatbelts and get ready to go on a thrilling journey of adventure.

Tarifa; a city on the southernmost spot of Europe in Andalusia. This city has everything that can make you starve for adventure. The most special and famous thing here to do is; Kitesurfing. Kitesurfing happens at the most beautiful location in Tarifa, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Once you experience the thrill of Kitesurf you can also try windsurfing, SUP and other water sports that can ride your soul.

Before heading to trek the peak, you first need to know about the range and get full-fledged knowledge to avoid any hassle in your way. The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains, nearly 20 km inshore from the northern coast of Spain. Once you start walking through the beautiful National Park, you will have to explore the path through the naturally dense forest (this feels as thrilling as it sounds though!). You will get a treat of abandoned scenery of the unpredicted Spanish dolomite mountains. This place is the best one for all the souls craving for a thrill. From off-the-beaten-path trails through some rural areas to some exciting forest paths, it will amuse you to the core.

Ibiza is labelled as the city of nightlife but the one who has experienced its underwater world can not deny this enough. Ibiza’s underwater world is a place of its own; filled with new surprises with each dive and another level feel altogether. If you want to explore the unexplored world of underwater and discover the flora and fauna that Ibiza offers then you need to try this Scuba Diving here with clear waters and great visibility up to 40 meters. The dive is extremely safe as there will be guides to train you before you dive into. Grab your oxygen tank and fins and get ready to dive into some unbelievable world of surprises.

Who doesn’t want to touch the skies? Everyone. So, let’s do it before we regret. The first thing to do when you land in Madrid is trying Paragliding. The capital of Spain has a great range of landscapes and to get the view of its scenic beauty, you need to experience this trip to the sky. This activity is pretty safe to attempt and is done under guidance. Glide across the Guadalajara or Avila near the capital and observe this beautiful region dangled in the air with an expert to ensure your safety and smooth landing. Flying at an altitude of 600 meters, you can also witness the charismatic view of the Plaza de Castilla with its inclining buildings. Collect your inner strength and witness the unimagined.

Turegano is a region in the province of Segovia, located in the heart of the country. If you want to try yourself on climbing, Turegano can be the best location for your starving. The limestone rocks that border the passage to the Piron and Viejo rivers through the Covatillas Valley make an absolute area to do it. Set in a natural scene midway between the Castillian plateau and the northern part of the Sierra de Guadarrama, mount the limestone slope from 8 to 15 meters high and catering variant levels of difficulty.

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