-Europe is Costly?- This List of Beautiful Cities Can Break This Myth!

This statement is true and Europe being one of the most travelled to destination around the globe is also labelled as one of the most expensive destinations to visit. It is well justified, Europe is a ‘full of life’ continent with cultural heritage, stupendous architecture, and open borders that makes travelling to Europe a treat for wanderers.

But if you think visiting Europe is very expensive, then you need to check the list of these beautiful European cities which are worth visiting. With a bonus of budgeted-travel for you. Let’s roll into the list now:

  • Budapest, Hungary

  • For your information, Budapest is not the only budgeted place to visit in Europe, but yes, it is the most picturesque. This Hungarian capital is on almost every traveller’s bucket list, due to everything that it has to offer. Budapest has a bunch of beautiful scenic points, ancient infrastructure, and unique set of traditions and culture. Hence, making it a destination worth visiting!

    Best things to do in Budapest

    • The historic Fisherman’s Bastion
    • Castle Hill
    • Jewish quarter
    • Heroes Square

    Among many others are pocket-friendly places to visit.

    Daily average cost: 37.7 $

  • Krakow, Poland

  • Poland is a very affordable yet beautiful country in itself, and Krakow is one of the best places to visit in here. Visiting Krakow can be a relaxing and enjoyable time for you. It is a cool city for a weekend getaway and caters well to young budget-minded visitors.

    Best Things to do in Krakow

    • Experience the bohemian vibes at cafes and bars at Plac Nowy
    • Wawel Royal Castle
    • City’s Main Square
    • Contemporary Art Museum

    Among many others are pocket-friendly places to visit.

    Daily average cost: $37.7

  • Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Vilnuis, a small city in Lithuania is a hidden gem for the wanderers, exploring every bit of Europe. The capital of Lithuania is like a box full of spectacular sights and has interesting things to offer!

    Best Things to do in Vilnius

    • Cathedral Square
    • Gediminas Tower
    • Uzupis Constitution Old Town Area
    • Various Affordable cafes at the main street

    Daily average cost: $43.10

  • Porto, Portugal

  • Porto is a city of wonders and has loads of exiting stuff to offer! If you are visiting Europe, this is a place you cannot miss on. Be it the beautiful scenery of the riverside area or old heritage buildings and amazing delicacies. You can witness the wellness and perfection of this city in a pocket-friendly budget. Moreover, being a romantic place, Porto is definitely the best place for the love-birds.

    Best things to do in Porto

    • Ribeira and the Luis I Bridge
    • Taste the Port wine at the cafes
    • Crystal Palace Gardens
    • Matosinhos Beach

    Daily average cost: $ 38.6

  • Istanbul, Turkey

  • Istanbul; the capital of Turkey, portrays unique mix of cultures. A place where the east and west exactly comes together. Always being one of the most visited destinations, Istanbul has never turned the expectations of the travellers down. Offering so much to the visitors like you, fortunately, Istanbul comes under the list of affordable cities in Europe. Discover the ancient building, bustling streets, markets, and mosques among other picturesque places.

    Best things to do in Istanbul

    • Street markets and delicacies
    • Bomonti Flea Market
    • Yildiz Park
    • Istanbul Modern
    • Suleymaniye Mosque

    Daily average cost: $ 38.6