-Travel to the Fiji Islands under Budget!- Bula! Welcome to Fiji; An Island of mysteries

Fiji Islands, a bunch of volcanic islands that spans 1,600 kms in the South Pacific Ocean. To be precise, there are two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and nearly almost 900 smaller inlets. For your information, there are only two seasons in Fiji, hot and even hotter. The dry season lasts from May to October while the cyclonic or commonly called as wet season starts from January to March. The best season to visit and explore the islands of Fiji is said to be the dry one.

When you think Fiji is an expensive water to sail on, a trip to Fiji doesn’t really empty your pocket. Yes, there might be some luxury and expensive resorts and food combined with a fact that the flights there include a stopover here; it makes this island an affordable and easy place to visit. That’s exactly like a roller coaster trip to paradise on a budget. Let’s start with the travel blog and other information about Fiji Islands. Let’s roll over it.

Top 5 Things to do When in Fiji

The Mamanucas is actually a group of islands off the Nadi Coast, which is famous among the watersport enthusiasts. People prefer to visit on a day trip form Nadi to take the feel of world-class surfing, soft carols, and incredible sealife that is a dream for divers. Staying longer. Once the day-trippers leave, the place is yours!

Situated on the island of Viti Levu, the capital has colorful colonial architecture, a booming nightlife, and restaurants galore. You can also go to the municipal market to try some inexpensive yet delicious food and souvenirs. If you’re here in July or August, check out the fire-walking festival at the Mariamma Temple.

This is one of Suva’s best attractions. The museum portrays the culture of South Pacific region and ancient Fiji. You will also find some Indian art exhibits, artefacts that showcase traditional Fijian life including cannibal forks, tribal weaponry, and shell jewellery. Admission fee is $15 FJD ($7 USD).

The Yasawa Islands are famous among budget travellers for its affordable accommodation, transportation, and some late night parties. If you are going for a vibe, try to spend time at a few of the lesser-known islands in this chain for quieter nights and cheaper prices.

Diving in the waters of Fiji is one of the most incredible things, you can ever do. With the depth os up to 40 meters, the visibility is magnificent here. Famous dive spots are Astrolabe Reef, Beqa Lagoon, and Rainbow Reef.

  • Explore the Mamanucas
  • Visit Suva
  • See the Fiji Museum
  • Explore the Yasawas Islands
  • Go diving

Some Other Things to Do

  1. Explore Bouma National Heritage Park
  2. Visit Koroyanitu National Heritage Park
  3. Go for Whitewater Rafting
  4. Visit the old Capital of Levuka
  5. So for Surfing
  6. Explore the Garden of Sleeping Giant
  7. Drink Kava
  8. Hike Colo-i-Suva Forest Park
  9. Visit Sri Siva Subbramaniya Swami Temple

Travel Tips to Keep Your Trip Under Budget

Fiji Islands is a place where if you want you can spend all your life’s saving but if you want you can also save a lot of your bucks and enjoy your trip to the fullest with all the adventure. Just follow these suggested tips for your budgeted travel:

  • Use “share taxis” – there are several share taxis as option for you to travel, these taxis will be there to pick up as many passengers as possible and they charge usually equally as a bus fare, which is a good option for longer journeys.
  • Snack stands – The affordable yet tasty food in Fiji is found on the snack stands dotting the roads. You can either pick up curry and fish or chips for just $2 FJD ($1 USD).
  • BYO Everything – If you are going to the outer islands, bring as much as possible. At the main island you can find things about 50% cheaper so save money and buy water, snacks, and alcohol ahead of time!
  • Book a driver – if you can get some more people with you, hiring a driver for full day is a good option. It should cost you about $100 FJD ($46 USD) if you haggle properly, and it’s a LOT cheaper than taking taxis everywhere or getting a rental car (if you’re short on time and not wanting to use public transportation everywhere).
  • Pack a water bottle – A water bottle with a purifier will help you save money and thousands of plastic bottles by purifying the tap water for you. My preferred bottle is LifeStraw ($49.99).
  • Prefer Cash - When in Fiji, forget cards and pay with cash! Though there are frequent Credit Cards and EFTOPS Machines but they incure a hefty charge of 3.5%.