-Singapore- Surprisingly Simple!

Collect Moments not Things in your life!
Indulge in a Stylish Luxurious Place Known as Singapore; Full of Glitters and Fascination.

Everything is simplified when in Singapore! The Republic of Singapore or commonly called as Singapore is basically an island City-state in the Southeast Asia region. The place is stated to be as a playground for the rich as Singapore is the land of wealth. In addition, with the luxurious shopping malls, skyscrapers, fine dining, and chain of 5-star hotels, this city have several things that might get the adrenaline rush of your life.

Despite the modernization, the best part of this city-island is its heritage culture and its deep connection with history. Singapore is a land of contrasts; you can definitely expect a rich heritage mixed with the modern touch.

For ideas on things to see and do, read our list of the top attractions in Singapore:

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

  • Universal Studios Singapore

  • If we talk about Universal Studios, it is a unique destination in itself. But the Universal Studio that is located in Singapore has its own charm that would impress you to the core. The Hollywood-themed park will take you on a journey you will never forget. From the sci-fi rides, a roller coaster ride to a world of ancient Egypt, thrilling water sports, #D combat and much more.

  • Singapore Flyer

  • Being among the top-most place to visit in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer is the tallest Ferris Wheel in the whole continent that can hold up to 28 passengers. Riding this wheel will give you literal Goosebumps. From the height of 165 meters that is equal to a 45-storey building, you can have a fascinating view of the whole city. If the view isn’t enough, the 30-minutes ride of this Ferris Wheel will definitely make your trip worth.

  • Sentosa Island

  • It’s surreal to experience nature and adventure in a city full of luxury and towers touching skies. Sentosa Island is a well-planned and maintained island made for the souls starving for natural beauty. The island is basically owned by a resort that includes impressive Resort world, Tiger Sky Tower, butterfly and Insect kingdom, world-Sea Aquarium, and several kinds of adventurous sports. Visit Sentosa Island to give satisfaction to your wanderer soul.

  • Marine Bay

  • There is a big reason behind the qualification to be among the top ultramodern cities worldwide that Singapore has gained so far. The locations like Marine Bay is the best example to prove it. The Marine Bay is a scenery full of architectural masterpieces. With buildings towering by its corner and luxurious hotels and fine dining, Marine Bay is a delight to everyone’s sight.

  • Night Safari Nocturnal Wildlife Park

  • Night Safari wildlife Park opens its doors to the jungle once the dusk falls to welcome the visitors to get thrilled in the world of nocturnal species and a vibe of the forest. This wildlife park is stated to be the first one of its kind because of its accessibility in the night. There are nearly 2,500 animals of about 130 species that also include Malayan Tiger and Malayan Tapir. To get to witness the forest and wildlife from the closest, you need to visit Night Safari Nocturnal Wildlife Park.

Some Interesting Facts About Singapore

  • Singapore is said to be one of the world’s Greenest cities
  • If you think, Singapore is one island, then you have underestimated it. Singapore’s land covers nearly 64 islands surrounded by the mainland.
  • The first man-made waterfall was made in Singapore from a height of 30 metres.
  • Singapore’s $ 1000 note has its national anthem in the form of micro-text. You have to notice that note on your next trip.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore has more species of trees than the entire North American continent. Now you know why Singapore is one of the greenest cities.

Activities You can Experience in Singapore

The vibe that the Marine bay provides is really satisfying and amazing. The free entry ticket and 24x7 accessible to the Marine Bay Waterfront Promenade make it the most visited places in Singapore. This waterfront promenade is not one-stop, it is a 3.5 km long trail that includes Marina Centre, Bayfront, and Collyer Quay.

Orchard Road is a full shopping and entertainment destination in the centre of the city. The boulevard is magnificently filled with luxurious hotels, resto-bars, and shopping complexes. The place got its name from Singapore’s history as a farming area loaded with fruits orchards. Though the orchard trees are vanished now and shopping malls and the high-class avenue is set-up in the name of the Orchards.

Singapore has its own culture and heritage but also has a place known as ‘Little-India’, which is full-fledged Indian themed place with all the cuisines and famous Indian dishes to Indian temples as well. To get all the five senses of the Indian flavour, you need to walk down to the Little-India street. To get the best vibes, visit during the season of Deepavali; the festival of lights.

The National Orchid Garden is situated inside the Botanic Garden in Singapore. It is spread across 3 hectares on the highest hill of the botanical garden. The slopes of the garden reside more than 1,000 species of orchids and 2,000 hybrids. This glorious garden has been carved-up into four different zones that are themed according to the four different seasons with a unique colour for each zone.

When we say Singapore has it all, we really mean it. With all the greenery, adventure, and uniqueness, Singapore has some vibrant places for perfect clubbing atmosphere. The best place for clubbing and nightlife is Clarke Quay. There you can get the best of the nightlife experience and clubbing. There is an interesting fact behind this place. Clarke Quay used to be home to warehouses for commercial goods. Now, those warehouses are transformed into restaurants and bars.

  1. Stroll Along Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
  2. Explore Orchard Road – The Fashion Street of Singapore
  3. A walk in the Little-India
  4. Save a day for National Orchid Garden
  5. Experience the best clubbing at Clarke Quay

Local Special!

Every destination has something or other that is famous from its streets. Local markets, street foods, etc. talking about the food in Singapore there is no doubt in saying that Singapore is an obsessive food paradise. Singapore; the point where Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian cuisines are celebrated at the core. You can get to experience the flavours of all senses on the streets of Singapore. To list some of the most famous delicacies:

Hainanese Chicken Rice is considered the national dish of Singapore. A spicy blend of boiled rice and fresh chicken, this is a treat to every non-vegetarian.

  1. Hainanese Chicken Rice
  2. Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow is one of the most-loved street foods in Singapore. This dish is named as Char (means stir-fried) and Kway Teow as (flat rice noodles) with soya sauce, sprouts, and Chinese sausage slices. You can get this at any food store in the streets. Many more dishes like Bar Chor Mee, Kaya Toast, Wanton Mee, har Siew Fan, and Siew Yoke Fan among various other street foods that are must try in Singapore. Talking about the local markets and street shopping in Singapore, the most popular markets are often seen in the night. Popularly known as Pasar Malams. Market streets like Bugis Street, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, Little India Arcade, and Lau Pa Sat are the most famous to get famous Singapore stuff and budgeted shopping.