-Oh LA LA! Paris- A Paradise on its own!

It is a very famous saying when good people die, they go to Paris, initially, this statement can be confusing but this statement straightly compares Paris with heaven. Truly, Paris is like a heaven on earth. A place embraced by a fashioned history, buildings touching skies, massive cathedrals, grand boulevards, and streets as-huge and indestructible as nature itself. From the galleries, theatres, and cafes to the philosophy, frivolity, and finest of art, the city possess, Paris has adorned the earth in the most beautiful way like a crown does to the queen. The city runs on champagne, wine and is famous for its dining standards, if you haven’t been to Paris, you haven’t lived yet.

Reading all these would have forced you to check your dates and plan a vacation escape to this paradise place; Paris. If not, then what are you waiting for? Paris is waiting for you, with all the beauty and serenity.

As we all are aware of the fact that Paris breathes luxury and extravagance. Here we have a total travel guide for luxurious travel to Paris for you.


Every time you visit Paris, it feels like the first time. There is so much to explore and experience in Paris that each time you regret missing some of the other things. From all the art exhibitions, the cafes, and the restaurants, and the most famous wines you have to try. You really don’t have to plan your itineraries here, just go with the flow.

Paris is a place where history resides beautifully. The modernization has not affected it much. It is home to a bunch of museums, from the iconic Louvre, featuring paintings like Mona Lisa, and Venus de Milo, to Centre Pompidou, featuring modern and contemporary art. There are some smaller museums as well like Musee de l’Orangerie, Petit Palais, and Musee d’Orsay. There is no one museum that you can call as the best. There are a lot of them. It’s like an escape from the hustle of the world. 

Paris is a city you want to walk throughout. The city also has a well-advanced metro system but to explore and experience the city from the deep, go for a good and decent walk. From visiting the Notre Dame and Opera Garnier and the several Parisian streets of Montmartre or central parks such as Jardin du Luxembourg, this would be your perfect-picture trip. And yeah! How can you miss walking along the Seine? 

If it is for food, there is no better place than Paris, you can get the best oysters anywhere, and a god French dinner at a luxurious restaurant is mandatory to try in Paris. For mornings, you can try buttery brioche and croissants. As we know, Paris is a paradise place; it is also famous for paradise food. The deserts including sweets, pastries, and puddings are popular in the city. 

If you are a fashion lover, you will be thrilled and mesmerized by all those several shopping options you will have there. From Printemps and Galleries to Le Bon Marche and LaFayette. There are loads of luxury departments and showrooms for you to buy anything and everything. Apart from these exclusive ones, there are hundreds of other global brands as well. Among those shopping streets, the best one is Boulevard Saint Germain, Place de la Madeleine, and Triangle d’Or for some amazing luxury shopping experience. 

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Travel Tips for Paris

  • At first, bring good walking shoes, no matter how rich you are or how much luxury you need. In the end, you would also start loving walking on the streets and get the splendor of the city and its culture.
  • Learn some basic French. Though Paris is a tourist-oriented place and people there know English, but there can be times where it won’t work. Because when it’s France - don’t expect everyone there will speak English. Learn some basic words and phrases beforehand. 
  • This is kind of a general tip for any further travel. Be alert in respect of your belongings and your safety. Don’t just assume you would walk around care-free with your bags open. There are bad people everywhere all over the world. Don’t let them prove their presence.