-Tailored-Safari Trips- Experience the Adventure in an Exotic way!

If you are also craving an adventure to calm your wanderer soul down then at least a Safari Trip should be ranked first in your bucket list. It doesn’t matter how many pictures you have seen or whatever you have heard about any Safari. The moment you experience it yourself, it will be unbelievable as well as unforgettable for you. Safari is not just for the adventure geeks but for each and every one searching for heaven on this planet. Witness the extremes of wildlife, from the wild lions to huge herds of zebras and wilder beasts and large big-eared elephants.

A Safari trip can be a lot more than just animals and wild. One safari experience can end up giving you goosebumps for life. While the adventurous vibe would rush the adrenaline of your life and the unpredictable sights of animals, you will be left awestruck. But while you plan your safari trip, there are some factors you might need to consider before executing it to avoid any hassle.

Read ahead to get some mandatory information and do’s and don’ts on a Safari. 

Do’s and Don’t’s on a Safari!

Safari trips are really as fantasizing as they sound like. But there are some protocols that are to be followed whenever you go on a Safari.

What to Do?

It is really important to stay calm, open, and patient on a safari trip. It is unpredictable. No one knows what’s coming next. It can be a tough one for you and an easy one for others. You don’t have to overthink about the things you can’t control. Just take a deep breath and start riding. On a safari, you would never get an idea of what is coming next. You may witness a herd of beautiful zebras or you may also get to see the wildest of the animals. But all this is not controlled by anyone.

Safari is called dangerous and thrilling not only due to its wildlife and adventurous ways but also because of the number of little monsters it has. There can be a variety of mosquitoes at the Safari and can cause any hazardous disease to you or to your kids. So, don’t forget to keep your mosquito repentant with you. This is as important as water on a Safari.

If you don’t want to get noticed by some lion or elephant you have to be careful about what you are wearing. Don’t worry; we won’t say to wear that cliché khaki dress because you are n safari. But try and wear neutral color clothes. This way you will not look weird to the animals and they won’t get attracted.

As we say, Safari is unpredictable we mean each letter of it. Being on a safari you cannot just sit and relax. If you really want to experience wildlife and the thrill of it, you need to be alert and spontaneous. Also, being alert all the time will keep you safe and sound.

No matter how lazy you are, if you want to experience the best of Safari you have to wake up early and book an early morning game drive for yourself. We bet you won’t regret it! How we can be sure of this? If you go on an early morning safari, you may witness the sun waking up beneath the beautiful bushes and animals all around the jungle waking up and doing their morning tasks. This sight might leave you awestruck.

  • Keep your mind calm and open
  • Pack Mosquito repentant
  • Wear neutral clothes
  • Be Alert and Spontaneous
  • Wake up Early

What Not to Do?

Animals can feed themselves; you don’t have to feed them it can be a dangerous idea. Animals also get scared and insecure to see someone so close and might end up harming you. Just enjoy their presence and don’t move so much.

How would you feel, if someone comes and litters in your house? It would feel disgusted. The same goes for Safari. Avoid littering and throwing trash in or near the jungle. It is for the safety of Mother Nature and wildlife. Animals might end up eating that waste and it might harm them.

If you are going for the first time, you might get excited about even the smallest of the things. Which is fine! But this can lead to a wastage of time and you might miss the main sight. Trust your rider. He will show you everything that the safari has to offer.

Staying near a jungle filled with wild animals might thrill your soul but you have to more careful. We would advise you to not leave your camping area or vehicle alone for any reason. Take a trusted companion with you. It can be any guide or staff member of the lodge.

  • Don’t Feed Animals
  • Do not Litter 
  • Don’t Stop everywhere
  • Don’t leave your vehicle or camp accompanied