-Tips on How to Plan your Safari Trip- Perfectly!

Going to Africa or anywhere for a Safari holiday is obviously a great deal. But it all depends on your plan, how you plan your trip. The planning part can be a daunting one, especially if it’s your first time and you have no idea about how it’s going to be and what you going to experience there. Planning your safari trip looks easy at first but can be complicated enough when you sit and actually plan it. You will need to plan things like assume your budget, travel style, and of course the time and date and many more such things.

So, to make your task easy, and to save you from the entire hodgepodge, we have researched and collected all the tips and essential points to consider while planning and going to a safari trip. Let’s get started!

Things to Consider

This point is the first one to be taken care of. You need to take some of the things into consideration, if you want to have the best trip experience. Things you need to consider include your priorities and preferences. You might need to ask some important questions to yourself. Some of such questions are mentioned below:

  • What do you expect to see?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What’s the purpose of your travel? Are you going on a family vacation, a solo adventure, or honeymoon?
  • Do you have kids in tow? How about elders? If so, how old are they?
  • Do you want to see more of cats or more of monkeys?
  • Is the Great Migration a must-see for you or would you rather spend some time going to vineyards and seeing sharks?
  • Do you plan to tour the city as well or you just want to head out to the wild?
  • Do you want to go to the beach?
  • Do you have special dietary restrictions?

Expand Your Trip, Maybe?

Safari game drive is the must-try activity. Apart from this exciting sport, but if you go the you should try some other amazing activities. And if you will have an idea about what all you can try, some of them are mentioned here:

  • Mountain Trekking: Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking (Tanzania), Mount Kenya (Kenya), Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda), Drakensberg Mountains (South Africa)
  • Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking: Uganda, Rwanda
  • Hot air balloon: Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Botswana
  • Skydiving: South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia
  • White water rafting: Uganda
  • Scuba diving: Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya
  • Scenic Flights: South Africa
  • Volcano hiking: Rwanda
  • River cruise: Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania
  • Relax on a Beach: Tanzania, Kenya
  • Diving with Great White Sharks: South Africa
  • Whale- and dolphin-watching: South Africa
  • Kayak: Rwanda, Botswana, South Africa
  • Surfing: South Africa, Tanzania
  • Bungee Jumping: South Africa
  • Helicopter tours: Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa

Know what to see and where to go

Many people, while going or planning to go to Africa, they have their own hearts set out to a particular region or nation. But others are completely clueless. Even some of them think Africa is a country; actually, it is vast continent made up of several beautiful countries, some of them among the most fascinating places on Earth.