-Traveling Solo?- Why Not Costa Rica?

It has been proven; traveling solo is the best way to travel. Why? You get to know your inner self while you explore the place. There are no limitations when you travel alone. You can go anywhere you like. But while you choose the destination for your solo traveling, you should be particular about what you want to see and where you want to go exactly. You should choose your destination very carefully considering the factors like season, location, time, etc.

Costa Rica is the best place to visit if solo. We are as sure about it as Costa Rica is safe to visit in any season. There is no time that is bad to visit Costa Rica. When you will visit Costa Rica, you would be mesmerized by the unpredictable beauty that this place has to offer to each and every traveler. Let’s get forward to what all you can expect and what to do on a Solo Trip to Costa Rica.

Places to Visit in Costa Rica When Travelling Solo

  • Arenal

  • This volcano is located around 90 km northwest of San Jose. You can visit there to experience some amazing activities to do there. Also, enjoy hot springs, hanging bridges, and diversified wildlife.

  • Jaco

  • Jaco is said to be one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica if you want to experience the nightlife or best dining. You might also love the dance halls, local casinos, and bars. Solo travelers might give their heart to this place and its vibes. You can also connect with the local people here and do sport fishing, canopy tours, etc.

  • Manuel Antonio

  • This place is famous for its amazing diversified wildlife, rich white sands, and natural beauty. Here you can try waterfall rappelling, snorkeling, and sunset cruise.

  • Montezuma

  • Montezuma can turn to be a paradise for Solo travelers. Lying between striking landscapes, this place has some gorgeous views. From watering holes to artsy shops, Montezuma has various things for you to do. However, tropical rainforests and breath-taking waterfalls are the prime attraction of the area.

  • Puerto Viejo

  • A place famous for its rich culture, Puerto Viejo is settled in an aquamarine sea, which offers a glance of real Caribbean culture. Enjoy the Rastafarian traditions with local music, cuisine, and handicrafts. It is a perfect place for nature lovers and beach lovers.

What to Experience in the Country of Nature?

To think about what to expect in Costa Rica, you should be aware of all the geographical traits that this country possess. It’s a peaceful Latin American country between Nicaragua and Panama. Being among the safest place to travel alone, you will realize that this destination has a lot more to offer when you will explore it more. 

Going from the huge cities to the tiny ones, fun towns, and amazing traditional villages, you will hear about everything along your way.