-Travelling Alone to Leh Ladakh- These Tips Would Work for you!

“If you are waiting for a companion to travel with…maybe you will end up waiting for life.”

Everyone has a bucket list which is filled with some weird but fantasizing dreams and wishes. These dreams are supposed to be like we want to make it true before we die. But to wait for it to happen is same as wasting your time. So, if you are also among those crazy wanderers who wants to travel alone for at least once. Our advice to you is; don’t hold back your fantasies.

Once you have made up your mind to go on a journey of your own, you need to decide the best destination for it. You need to be very much careful while you choose a place to travel. As you will be travelling alone you will have to take care of several things that can hinder your comfort or peace.

One of the most searched and visited places by the solo travelers is Leh Ladakh; a heavenly city in India. Ladakh commonly known as” India’s Own Mainland” is a land of landscapes, unique culture and superficial scenic beauty. This town is covered by two of the naughtiest mountain ranges; the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram. If we sit here to describe Ladakh’s beauty, it will be impossible for us to portray it through words. The town surely deserves a visit!!

But before you pack your bags, here are some of the essential tips that you should consider while traveling to Leh Ladakh solo. Let’s roll then:

You know you are doing something uncommon when you get the adrenaline rush in your life. Going solo to Ladakh is something same as this. But you need to plan the flow of your trip before heading towards the road. Plan your necessary itineraries but it is impossible for you to follow a day wise plan when travelling solo. So, you don’t have to jump over the places. Go with the flow and feel the vibe.

This is the most important part in the plan. Before traveling to Ladakh, research about the best and the worst time to visit there. Consider factors like season, cheapest time, etc. According to us, the best time is between June and September. This time is said to be cheapest and safest to travel to Ladakh.

Make your trip as light as possible basically depending on the mode of transport you are using. If you are using public transport you have to be dependent on the buses or taxis so plan it accordingly. Don’t rush too much instead get the feel of the place you are at and before hopping to the other get to know the place first.

If you are going to Ladakh, you should keep this thing in mind that there will be places where you won’t get networks at all. Keep someone from your family or friends updated beforehand about your next plan.

Cross check your decision regarding your accommodation, its location, and the mode of transportation you are planning to choose. As the town is not well urbanized, there are some places near the markets, and other necessary things. Moreover, if you want to travel easy and light, you need to choose the mode of transport and also the timing of your commuting wisely.

Keep one thing in mind! If you are travelling alone that too in another country, you need to carry some necessary documents like personal Ids, medical details, and a few of emergency contacts, you might require them at some or the other point.

  • Don’t Plan the Trip, Plan a Flow
  • Do R&D on What Time to Visit
  • Keep Your Trip Light
  • Keep your Closed ones Updated
  • Choose you accommodation and transport wisely
  • Some Stuff is Mandatory to Carry