Flights to montreal

Flights to montreal

Booking flights to montreal now easier than ever!

“A vaillant coeur rien d’impossible “– Jacques Coeur. The translation of these beautiful French lines is “For a valiant heart nothing is impossible.” Apart from being mesmerized by French we are also under the spell of Montreal- the cultural capital of Canada. The city is a celebration of Quebecois style and has poured European style into Canadian flavor. It is an amalgamation of varied cultures and unique idiosyncrasies. Without any further ado, lets book flights to montreal and submerge ourselves in its culture.

Top Departure Destinations to Montreal

Istanbul IST

Frankfurt FKA

Paris CDG

Dallas DFW

Amsterdam AMS

Munich MUC

Shanghai PVG

Vienna VIE

Atlanta ATL

With a general idea of destinations to look for let’s talk about the airlines that operate flights to montreal. To get yourself amazing deals and cheap flights to montreal keep on reading for tips from the experts.

Airlines that fly to Montreal

Air Canada Jazz

United Airlines

Sky Regional

Air Canada Rouge


Air Canada

Brussels Airlines

West Jet

Unique Tourist Attractions

  1. Place Jacques Cartier

    An interesting constellation of musicians and magicians gather to perform their acts and entertain the crowds.

  2. Sucreriede la Montagne in St. George’s Rd

    If you wish to witness Canadian folklore in its entirety, check this place out.

  3. Montreal Botanical Garden

    We are not sure if its just us but the goddess nature artwork at Montreal Botanical Garden reminds us of the movie “Moana”. It’s a great place to check out if you have curious kids hopping around.

  4. Barbie Expo

    Were you among the lucky kids, who got Barbie as their birthday present? Let the memories of forgotten childhood peek through by a visit to the Barbie Expo.

  5. Old Port of Montreal

    Take a long quiet walk along the Old Port of Montreal and breathe in the essence of older times. The port also serves as a tribute to history.

  6. St. Lawrence River

    A cruise on the waters of St Lawrence River would wash out the worries of work and relationships.

Dine, drink and feast

Yes, yes, we know you are going to try Poutine, first thing when you land. We are not judging, we would too! But we have created a list of the best eateries in Montreal for you so when you have secured yourself cheap flights to montreal, you are free to indulge in the best the place has to offer.

Le 409

Restaurant Tandem

Damas Restaurant

Bateau Mouche – It’s a dinner cruise!

Beau Rivage Bistro- Have a casual easy on the pocket meal here.


No trip is complete without some shopping. Montreal is a shopper’s dream come to life. From high-end to thrift stores, there are plenty of options to choose from. Try gorgeous boutiques and stores in Plateau Mont- Royal District for unique styles. There are plenty of upscale options for you as well. Centre Rockland, Complexe Desjardini and Cours Mont Royal would be our top picks to go crazy at. Book flights to montreal and see what they have in stock these days.

Ways to getting in and around Montreal

With great transportation system commuting is one less thing to worry about. Book cheap flights to montreal and get yourself acquainted with the transportation, like a Montreal native.

Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport is the third busiest airport in Canada. It is situated 25 km/ 16 miles South of downtown Montreal. The airport serves its customers with the best of facilities and warm attention. The airport is also equipped with efficient transportation system to provide customers options to commute to and from the airport. There is Aerobus which will take you downtown Montreal in no time. You can also opt for Shuttle Bus, cars and for our readers who travel in style, Limousine Rentals.

Public Transport

Montreal has brilliant system of Bus, Trains and Taxis for natives and travellers alike. Its widespread Metro reach would prove beneficial for first time travellers. City comes alive at night time and the night-time bus network make it even livelier. You do not have to wait for the sun to rise to explore. The easily accessible taxis, Car rentals and Bikes will be there for you anytime of the day. Your flights to montreal are just a click away now!

The Montreal Underground

The natives are fans of walking and therefore the government constructed The Montreal Underground Pedestrian Network. It’s a 30 km network flowing across the veins of the city. The network also has 1700 shops and restaurant to celebrate the city. Nothing should come in your way and flights to montreal now.

Experts’ advice on how to get cheap flights to montreal

  • Shortlisting

    While looking for cheap flights to montreal ,to look for travel search engines such as Kayak and lesser -known sites sch as JetRadar and Wego. Also compare the fares with the prices offered on airlines’ official sites for exclusive offers.

  • Pay with credit card

    Keep your Debit Cards and cash for other payments, always use credit card to pay for everything regarding flights to montreal fares to earn air miles and better flight deals for future.

  • Signing bonus

    Planned spending using credit card accelerate your earning miles along with signing bonuses. Just remember that not every credit card provides these bonuses, so be careful while making your payment for flights to montreal.

  • Redeeming air miles

    Always be on the lookout for airline alliance members. If you happen to have United air miles you can use them on its alliance Thai Airways and vice versa. A quick google search before booking flights to montreal tickets and learning about recent mergers and airline alliance saves a lot of money and unnecessary expenditure.

  • Hotel Perks

    Looking for a last-minute hotel deal during a layover or a night flights to montreal could become a hassle. Many airlines therefore have tie-ups with several hotels.

Best Time to visit

The months of September and October are considered the best time to explore Montreal and enjoy the best weather window. These months are considered the high-season therefore leading to increase in flight fares. To get cheap flights to montreal try to book flights to montreal during the low season when the roads are less crowded and the air a little better.

Places to rest

There is no place like home but these resorts and hotels come really close to being homely. So, on that note we have compiled a list of the best hotels and resorts to stay in Montreal. Some of them are luxurious and others pocket friendly. With the tips to book cheap flights to montreal, once you have saved enough money you can easily afford top hotels and resorts. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Ritz Carlton, Montreal

Hotel Le Crystal

Hotel William Gray

Four Seasons Hotel Montreal

Along with these there are some great Airbnb options available for you as well. The time is now. You will never get this chance on flights to montreal back. Grab your passport and a printout of this article and get moving.

Popular Operating Routes

Flights to Montreal from Nyc

A quick trip to the cultural capital of Canada, Montreal can do wonders, if you let it. Can you feel The Notre Dame Basilica calling out your name? Then grab your passport and COVID-19 test results and get going. You can get a chance to get flights to montreal from nyc on a budget. Just keep on reading.

Know compatible airlines

The airlines that have flights to montreal from nyc are Air Canada, United Airlines and Tap Air Portugal. The average roundtrip flights to montreal from nyc will cost you between $200-$250. There are about 94 flights that fly on this route per week thus making it 13 flights per day. These airlines also have more flexibility and more options in cancellation policy keeping COVID-19 pandemic in mind.

Exclusive deals for you

Win flights to montreal from nyc at dirt cheap prices when you make your reservations 17 days before the departure date. The time taken on average flights to montreal from nyc is 1 hours and 26 minutes. Porter and American airlines along with being the most popular airline on this route also has some mind-blowing deals and exclusive offers as well.


High season is the time period when a lot of people like to travel thus making the price on flight tickets rise. In this case June is the high season with prices rising up to 16% If you want to get flights to montreal from nyc without hurting your budget then fly during the low season or less popular period to save that extra cash. Book flights to montreal from nyc in the month of March for a 14% drop in the price rate.

Where to stay in Montreal

If location is a priority then check out Ritz Carlton, Montreal and Hotel Le Crystal. Hotel William Gray and Four Seasons Hotel Montreal are our top-picks as well.

Flights to Montreal from Toronto

In the mood to try the infamous dinner cruise, Bateau Mouche in Montreal? You must be dreaming about it because we just acme across some great deals on flights to montreal from Toronto. From the year we all have had; you deserve this break.

Before we move any further let us clarify any doubts you might have about flying in the middle of pandemic. The airlines are taking extra measures including but not limited to

Heightened Sanitation

Mandatory Masks

Social Distancing Seating arrangement

Pre-flight testing for anti-bodies

Flexible Cancellations

Know your airlines

The airlines that fly on this route are Multiple Airlines, Air France, West Jet, Air Canada, Air Transat and Delta Airlines. These airlines upload great deals and offers under their vacation packages and rewards for their frequent flying programs. Go through their official sites before booking flights to montreal from toronto. The average flights to montreal from toronto take 1 h 10 minutes covering a distance of 489 km. There are 465 direct non-stop flights to montreal from toronto that fly per week thus 66 flights per day.

Tips that could come in handy while booking

It is beneficial to have information about seasons at your disposal before looking for flights to montreal from toronto. Why? You ask? High Season is the time period which pulls huge number of crowds thus making the fare price go up. Similarly, few people travel during the low season and therefore the ticket prices are cheap and seats always available.

For Montreal June is considered the high season and August being the low season. If your itinerary allows make your reservations for flights to montreal from toronto during the low season to make that extra saving.

The cheapest time to book flights to Montreal is afternoon. Avoid making your bookings in the evening.

To make sure you get that extra cash saved on flights to montreal from toronto, look if the booking is available 89 days before your departure. Thank us in the comments.

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